Title: Bridging the Chasm of Doubt
Series: Evolution Series, Part One

Author: MajorDoc
Pairing: Sam/Janet
Category: First time, romance
Rating: Adult
Date: 23 Aug 2003
Disclaimer: Stargate and characters are the property of MGM, Gekko....you get the picture.
No infringement of copyright intended. I have gained nothing but the pure pleasure of my own satisfaction.
Warnings: None
Spoilers: Season One and on.
Archive: Area 52, Passion and Perfection, Girl Bitz.
Dedication: The rejuvenation of my writing and the birthing of this story rests solely in the very capable hands of RocketChick. Without her kind words and gentle prodding, I would be lost.
Summary: Sam meets the new CMO for the Stargate Program.






All was not well with the usually unflappable Samantha Carter, Captain in the USAF and member of the flagship SG-1 team. Not well indeed. The young, blonde captain had just returned from the infirmary after a meeting with the new CMO for the Stargate Program. Now she was safely ensconced in her familiar territory of the science lab, until she began to think about the meeting with the new Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Janet Fraiser. Just thinking her name brought a smile to the tall captain’s lips.

Doctor Fraiser was a petite brunette with deep brown eyes that could hold and captivate at will. Carter could attest to that, she was quickly ensnared and left staring dumbfounded. She smiled again, but it quickly faded as she reviewed those earlier embarrassing moments in the infirmary.

General Hammond, Commander of the SGC, had ordered SG-1 to the infirmary to meet with the new base CMO. Doctor Fraiser was transferred after her predecessor, Doctor Lee, was brutally murdered by a fellow officer. She came highly recommended and the General felt lucky to have her knowledge and experience on the new and uncharted program. Carter and the rest of her team, Colonel Jack O’Neill, Doctor Daniel Jackson, and Teal’c, were introduced to the young doctor in turn. Indicating the shy blonde standing to O’Neill’s left, Hammond introduced the last member of SG-1. “This is Captain Samantha Carter.”

Reaching out her right hand in greeting, Doctor Fraiser was surprised when Carter only stared at her. The doctor cleared her throat. Nothing. Carter stood transfixed. The doctor guessed the young woman wished she were anywhere but there. If any of the rumors were true, and she believed most probably were, then Captain Carter did not take time to socialize. She no doubt was preoccupied with some monumental problem or thinking about SG-1’s jump scheduled for tomorrow, now that the good doctor would like to see.

“Captain Carter, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you. I have read and heard much about you.” Doctor Fraiser stopped momentarily and gazed at the rest of SG-1. “All of you,” she added.

The doctor was still standing with her right hand extended when Carter finally moved to shake her hand, but only after a considerable kick to her right ankle by Jack O’Neill.

“Doctor Fraiser, the pleasure is all mine,” Carter managed to mumble. Oh God, what an idiot. She’s going to think I’m an absolute moron.

Doctor Fraiser stuffed her hands into her lab coat pockets. “I wish I had more time to chit chat.” When Carter minutely flinched, Fraiser continued, “But I’ve got a lot of moving to oversee.”

The doctor briefly looked around the unorganized infirmary and her eyes honed in on an unsuspecting man struggling to land what looked to be a very heavy object to the floor with minimal damage. “Airman, do NOT put that monitor on the dirty floor." She was already walking away from SG-1 when she turned and over her left shoulder said with a smile, “Don’t forget your pre-mission exams at 0800. I expect you all to be on time.” The last statement was directed to Colonel O’Neill. His reputation had preceded him as well.

O’Neill visibly paled and ushered his teammates out the door. “OK, Doc. See you then.” Once they were safely out of harm’s way, he turned to Carter. “What the hell is wrong with you, Carter? I mean, you aren’t the most social person I know, but for crying out loud, you totally zoned out in there.”

They were waiting for the elevator to arrive when Carter found her voice. “Sir, I was pre-occupied by an experiment I was conducting before I was interrupted by General Hammond.” Carter looked into O’Neill’s eyes daring him to disagree. “It’s a very complicated reaction and has to be timed perfectly, Sir.” That even sounded lame to her ears.

The colonel just gave her the patented O’Neill eye roll. Luckily, the elevator chose that particular moment to appear, and all four members stepped inside.

“Sam, I could come by and help out later if you want,” Doctor Jackson began. “But I need to double check on an artifact I’ve been translating that SG-3 brought back earlier today.”

O’Neill tuned out their conversation as he exited the lift with Teal’c. “Hey, buddy, how’s about a little boxing lesson?”

Teal’c raised his left eyebrow, slightly bowed his head, and followed O’Neill down the corridor. Carter and Doctor Jackson also soon parted company with Jackson’s promise to meet later.

That was how Sam Carter found herself alone in her lab contemplating her earlier conversation with Doctor Fraiser. Conversation my ass. A first year cadet could have conducted herself better than me. Why was her tongue so tied to begin with? Oh yeah, because she completely lost the ability to speak once she laid eyes on the gorgeous woman. Her eyes were like dark shimmering pools of liquid obsidian. And that smile. Carter felt hypnotized by that beautiful face.

She sat heavily on her chair behind her desk and mumbled out loud to nobody in particular, “I am so in trouble.” She rested her head on the desk and closed her eyes.




Hours later, Doctor Fraiser had commandeered the infirmary into a suitable layout that even she approved. Sipping a cup of lukewarm coffee, she enjoyed an all too brief respite in her hectic schedule. She turned in her chair and closed the medical file on her computer. She allowed her mind to roam and she found herself drawn to her first meeting with the infamous SG-1.

They were, to say the least, not what she had expected. Colonel O’Neill looked more ‘boyish’, but the smugness and charm were definitely evident.

Teal’c. Now what pre-conceived notions could she possibly have about a man from another world? Fraiser snorted, an alien with an alien incubating in his abdominal cavity.

Doctor Jackson was quiet and had a warm inviting personality. He was what she had expected of the reserved archaeologist.

Then her thoughts turned to Captain Carter. The doctor didn’t know what to think about the beautiful woman. She was young, intelligent, and painfully shy. This she knew from the rumor mill, but she did not expect Carter to be so......flighty, so.... blonde.

Fraiser opened the computer files once again and perused through Captain Carter’s personnel and medical files. First impressions can be wrong, and she had been known to be wrong on occasion. The files and the first meeting with the fair-haired woman were not in sync. Fraiser decided she needed further study.




Carter was tired. She wanted to go home and sleep. She wanted to stop thinking about the beautiful CMO. She had abandoned her work earlier since she couldn’t concentrate and was afraid she would blow something up at the very least.

As if drawn by Carter’s thoughts, Doctor Janet Fraiser poked her head in the doorway and quietly knocked. Carter appeared to be sleeping at her desk. The doctor’s face clouded over and she knocked again, this time a bit louder. Still no response.

“Captain Carter.” She tried not to shout, she really did.

Sam snapped her head up and jumped to attention gazing around the lab. She spotted the doctor standing in the doorway. Doctor Fraiser looked pissed; there was no other way to describe her. Carter started to panic. Had she said anything that the doctor might have heard, like how breathtakingly beautiful she thought she looked?

Janet Fraiser interrupted her musings. “Captain Carter, I’ve been warned about your workaholic tendencies. I’ll tell you now, I will NOT tolerate you working yourself to exhaustion.” All 5 foot 2 of the diminutive doctor stood in the doorway with her hands balled on slim hips. Her contentiousness implied it would be in the Captain’s best interest to comply with her wishes.

Carter swallowed and motioned Fraiser to the chair opposite her own. As she once again took her seat, she flashed that famous Carter grin and tried to back pedal. “Well, you see....” Carter’s head was spinning. What excuse could she fabricate on such short notice?

She was so preoccupied with her own misery, that she completely missed Fraiser melt, as she was witness to Carter’s own toothy smile for the very first time. Carter took a breath and chanced another look at the beauty sitting before her. She was pleasantly surprised to see the brunette had relaxed and was grinning at her. The doctor was amused at her inability to make up a boldfaced lie on the spot!

Raising her hands in supplication, Carter finally admitted, “Okay, okay. You caught me. I have no excuse. I’m working late. I’m tired and I know I should be...,” Carter glanced her. “What is so funny?”

Doctor Fraiser slowly shook her head, “I never saw that one coming, Captain. I was waiting for some extraordinary lie and then you come up with.... the truth.” Fraiser laughed again. “I’ll have to keep an eye on you.”

Carter’s facial flush was not lost on the good doctor. She continued in a teasing fashion. “So, what else should I prepare myself for when dealing with obstinate astrophysicists?”

Carter’s jaw dropped ever so slightly. What the hell was going on here?

Both women looked to the doorway when they heard footsteps rush into the room.

“Hey, sorry I’m late, but you know....,” Doctor Jackson stopped speaking when he noticed Sam’s company. He inclined his head and she smiled in return. “... how that can happen sometimes,” he finished. He cast an inquisitive glance towards Carter.

“Hey Daniel.” Carter stole a quick glance at the doctor. “I’m gonna have to give you a rain check tonight.” Another look at Doctor Fraiser. “I’m gonna call it a night and go home.”

“Oh, really? I mean, okay.” Daniel stammered. He had definitely missed something here. Sam was going home instead of working into the night. Will wonders ever cease? “Then I’ll see you in the morning.” He turned his attention to Doctor Fraiser. “And I’ll see you at 0800.” As an after thought, he added, “On the dot, Doctor.” With a wave and a smile Daniel Jackson was on his way out the door.

“I guess my job here is done, Captain,” Frasier said with a certain smugness to her voice.

“Sam,” Carter corrected. “Please, call me Sam.” Carter found herself helplessly drowning in those dark eyes once again, but vowed she would not turn into a bumbling idiot as she had done earlier.

“Okay, Captain Sam.” Hummingbird quick, the wink was there and gone. The doctor definitely was a tease Sam had decided. “But only if you call me Janet.”

As Janet gathered herself and rose from the chair intending to leave, Sam asked in a quiet pleading voice, “If you wouldn’t mind waiting while I lock up, I’ll walk out with you.” Then she added, “ Janet.” Carter tipped her head to the side and with a shy smile challenged, “That is if you intend to follow doctor’s orders, Doctor? You look beat.” Oh there were so many other adjectives Sam could think of, but none were suited to this particular conversation. “Your day must have been longer than mine.”

Suddenly, the doctor’s stomach growled, and Janet unconsciously patted her stomach. They both laughed when Sam’s did a perfect imitation. Seems they both had forgone dinner. In Sam’s case, she also missed lunch, but she would never admit that to the doctor.

Sam reached for her leather jacket and retrieved a rather large key ring from an inside pocket. As she moved to lock the lab, she asked, “How would you like to join me for dinner?”

“No offense, Sam, but I’ve already tried the mess and I’m not too interested in eating there again anytime soon.”

“I know what you mean, but you’ll get used to it.” Sam laughed when Janet wrinkled her nose. “There’s a little coffee shop I sometimes stop by on my way home.” Sam stopped. Suddenly she felt very apprehensive. She looked away from Janet. “I know it’s late. I’m sorry, I didn’t think. I should let you get home.” Sam glanced at her watch. It was 1900 hours, but there certainly was enough time for a quick dinner. Sam was not feeling so sure of herself anymore. Here it comes, the big rejection. There’s a reason you are alone, Carter.

Janet put a reassuring hand on Sam’s arm. “I would love to join you for dinner. I’ve been here in Colorado Springs for two weeks, but haven’t had the opportunity to get out much.” At Sam’s questioning glance, Janet continued, “I’ve been at the Academy Hospital most of the time setting up my office and being briefed on the Stargate Program.” As they made their way through the empty corridors, Janet continued. “I am very grateful you have extended this welcome, Sam. I’m sure you’ve noticed, but there aren’t that many women around the SGC and I’ve been hoping to make some friends.” Carter was delighted to hear that. “I will need to drop by the infirmary to get my things,” Janet explained as they stepped into the waiting elevator. “I won’t be too long,” she reassured.

“Sure. I’ll just meet you up top in the parking lot,” Sam said as Janet exited the lift.

On impulse, Sam hit the hold button and watched Janet walk down the corridor. As she appreciatively eyed Janet’s form from behind, Sam felt her heart race and her temperature skyrocket. She needed to gain some semblance of control before she made a complete fool of herself. She could not allow herself the luxury of believing there was a chance Janet Fraiser could be the least bit romantically interested in her. She desperately tried to get her mind out of the gutter and just be glad to have met an intelligent woman, someone she would not need to lie to about what she did everyday. With her inner self appropriately chastised, Carter continued her trek to the surface.




Janet Fraiser stood in the slightly empty parking lot searching for Sam. To the left, near the front of the lot, she spotted a lone figure standing next to a rather large motorcycle. The figure donned a full-faced black helmet, but it did not take a physician’s practiced eye to see a very feminine body. “Oh, tell me that is not Sam,” she silently pleaded.

Sam turned when she heard crunching gravel under approaching footsteps. She flipped the faceplate up and sported a huge toothy smile. “Hey Janet,” she said in greeting as she removed her helmet and balanced it on the seat. “Where’s your vehicle?” Sam asked as she surveyed the parking lot.

“Do you ride this bike to work every day?” Janet asked, totally ignoring Sam’s question.

Janet’s obvious disapproval should have hurt the young woman, but Sam was very good at hiding her emotions. She usually received one of two reactions to the motorcycle. She was perceived to be either very cool to ride such a monster, or very reckless. Janet’s reaction obviously fell to the latter.

Sam decided to go with it. “Yeah, pretty much when the weather cooperates. After being cooped up under the mountain or off on some stressful mission, I love to feel the speed and wind.” With a shrug, she added, “ The ride rejuvenates me. Makes me feel alive.” Embarrassed at this small admission, Sam changed the subject. “So, what do you drive to work, Doctor?” She spun on her toes taking in the entire parking lot. “Don’t see any Hummers,” Sam deadpanned with a smirk.

“Touché. I’ll shut up now.” Janet pointed to a silver X-Terra one row over. “That’s mine.” Janet walked over and unlocked the door. “I’ll follow you.” Then added under her breath, “At least then I’ll know you won’t get hit from behind.”

“I heard that,” laughed Sam. Carter should have felt insulted, but Janet’s apparent interest in her well being warmed her heart. But, of course, Janet would be concerned; she now was her doctor after all. She decided all this second-guessing was giving her a headache.




The coffee shop was cozy. They ate in companionable silence interjected with bits of conversation about nothing and everything. Sam spoke of her mother’s death and subsequent departure of her brother and father from her life. She was just a young woman at the time and Janet wondered how she had managed to cope through such a traumatic experience. Sam struggled, her composure nearly failing as she admitted how devastated she was with her father’s lack of support.

Janet decided there was much more to Captain Carter. More than the rumors, not that she put much stock in idle speculation. Sam was much more complex than the sum of her files. That Sam was the soldier, the scientist. The woman seated across the table was quiet, reserved, and as much as Janet surmised Sam would deny it, emotional. She held her feelings close, and Janet was amazed at her willingness to share such an intensely personal part of her life.

Sam Carter could not believe she had just dumped all of her emotional baggage onto the unsuspecting doctor, could not fathom the need to do so. She had never, ever spoken of her true feelings of abandonment and rejection. Yet, here she sat, as one emotion after another was helplessly ripped from her. She just knew it was safe to talk with Janet. Oddly, she felt more at peace now.

Janet permitted Sam to unburden herself. It was a catharsis long in the making. No wonder Sam Carter held everyone at arms length; she was terrified of being rejected by anyone she let close to her. So she chose to be alone, instead of taking a chance of having her heart broken again. She felt an overwhelming compulsion to comfort Sam. She wanted to cuddle her and take away the hurt, but knew how inappropriate that would seem to Sam. Should seem to Janet herself.

Janet reached across the table and held Sam’s right hand.

Sam looked into her dark brown eyes and smiled. “Janet,” Sam began. “I’m sorry.” She was interrupted by a gentle hand squeezing her own. When she looked at Janet once again, all she saw was understanding and compassion. Sam smiled through blue shimmering eyes, and knew this was right.

“Don’t, Sam. You don’t need to apologize. You obviously needed to get that out. I am honored you felt comfortable enough to let me inside.” Janet glanced at their still clasped hands, and then stared intently into her blue eyes. “I’m not just saying that as a doctor, but as your friend.”

Sam slowly closed her eyes and nodded. “Thanks.” Sam needed to change the subject. Needed to talk about anything else, because she could feel her control slipping. She felt incredibly close to Janet at this moment, and could not bring herself to deal with any more emotional outbreaks tonight. With one final squeeze, Sam pulled her hand free.

The moment was gone, Janet felt it slip away the instant she lost contact with her cold hand. How to get it back, not the pain Sam had gone through, but the shared closeness. She was surprised when Sam broke the silence.

“So, any skeletons in your closet, Doctor?” Sam was setting boundaries now. Enough was learned about her life tonight, it was Janet’s turn to divulge something personal, something to bind them together.

“I don’t know about skeletons,” laughed Janet. “But I do have two younger brothers.” For the next ten minutes, she told Sam her life’s history. Growing up on a farm, going away to college, and then med school.

Sam was entranced, captivated by the lilting quality of Janet’s voice. She was falling for the young woman, and for once, felt it reciprocated. Then the bombshell, she supposed she should have seen it coming. She just wished for once in her life she could have a chance at happiness.

“I met my ex-husband while in med school,” Janet began.

Upon hearing the words ‘my ex-husband’, Sam flinched as though slapped. The rest of the conversation was almost lost on Sam. She was preoccupied trying to rationalize her misconceived signals to minimize the devastation she would no doubt lose herself into once she was safely home alone.

She was able to sit and smile and nod her head at all the right times. She catalogued all the information to be dealt with at another time, but here and now, Sam really could not comprehend another word after ‘my ex-husband’.

Janet tried to gauge Sam’s reaction. She didn’t want to admit she was married, but didn’t want to keep something like that from Sam, not when she felt so drawn to her. Janet felt compelled to tell her everything if she planned on getting closer to her, and Janet surely wanted to be much closer to Sam. She noticed the flinch at the mention of her ex.

As she spoke more about the biggest mistake she had ever made in her life, Sam seemed to relax. Relieved, Janet continued to tell of her joining the Air Force and her subsequent divorce.

A loud crash brought Sam out of her reverie. A young man dropped his coffee mug on the floor where it lay in several pieces. She involuntarily glanced at her watch.

“It must be getting late,” Janet said as she raised her wrist to see the time. “Jesus, Sam. I am so sorry to keep you up, some doctor I am.” As they both prepared to leave, Janet picked up the check. “Let me get it this. You can pick up the tab next time.” Janet smiled, already planning on asking Sam to dinner once her next mission was over.

Sam acted on autopilot. She watched as the graceful beauty glided to the counter and then to the door. Sam followed her, and as she neared the exit, she had a vision of the broken cup shattered in many tiny pieces and thought her heart was going to break.

They said their goodbyes and parted company, each lost in thought. Janet making plans to see Sam as much as possible, and Sam, just hoping to make it home in one piece before her heavy heart failed her and she was miserably alone once again.




Cheyenne Mountain Complex 0700.

Doctor Fraiser lounged at her desk enjoying a hot cup of coffee and daydreaming about her evening with a certain gorgeous, blonde haired woman. She had not been this happy since.......since she could not remember when.

Janet was surprised to feel fresh and alert this morning, she did not get much sleep last night due to her overactive imagination. Her dreams were filled with many different thoughts about Sam Carter, ranging from idle speculation of her possible previous love interests, to the highly erotic. The latter were occupying her imagination right now, and she blushed thinking about her ‘dream night’ spent with Sam.

Janet glanced at the clock on her office wall. One hour. She needed to make it through one hour, and then she would see Sam again. She felt like she was in high school, she could not think of anything else at the moment. If an emergency happened right now, she would be sorely pressed to concentrate on the matter at hand. This thought stunned the doctor; she honestly could not recall a time she could not perform at her top level.

Realizing she was in way over her head, Janet took a few deep breaths to relax and clear her mind. “You have got it bad, Fraiser,” Janet chuckled to herself.




Jack O’Neill sauntered into the mess. Slowly circumventing the area, he spotted a blonde head in the back of the room. He zigzagged through the empty tables to finally reach his destination behind the blonde. “Hey, Carter,” the colonel said sliding into the chair opposite the captain. “Whatcha doin’?” He asked casually.

“Morning, Sir.” She sipped from her coffee cup. “Just trying to wake up.”

“Bad night? Daniel said you went home early last night. Are you sick or something?” When he failed to get a response, any response, he continued, “ Maybe you should go see the new doc now. I’m sure she’d fix whatever ails you.”

She shook her head. “I don’t think that’s necessary, Sir. Just didn’t have a very restful night.”

That was the last thing Carter needed right now. She was already dreading the pre-mission exam. Perhaps the doctor would prefer to handle the Colonel for the first time, get to know the CO of SG-1, and to set some ground rules. He could be a real pain in the ass when it suited him. Sam could only hope.

O’Neill turned and hooked a thumb in the direction of the serving line. “I need to eat something before we report to the infirmary.” He took a few steps away from the table and looked back at the captain. “Remember, don’t be late, Carter,” he teased shaking a finger at her. “I heard the Doc can be a mean SOB if you cross her.”

O’Neill knew he was being hard on Doctor Fraiser. He had been privy to the selection process of replacing the former CMO. It took a lot to impress him, and the young doctor’s resume did just that. In her short career, Doctor Fraiser was considered an expert in emergency medicine and virology. She served a tour of duty in the Gulf, and worked closely with the CDC on secret projects deemed classified even to his eyes. So complain as he might, O’Neill was thrilled to have such a knowledgeable doctor looking out for all the SGC; however, he was not about to broadcast his personal feelings to Doctor Fraiser, or any one else for that matter.

Carter rolled her eyes as the colonel sauntered away. She knew he was joking about Janet. She had also heard the talk about the new CMO. The grapevine made Doctor Fraiser out to be a little Hitler of the infirmary. It was also rumored the SGC could not be in better hands. If half of what was floating around the base was true, then the new CMO was more than competent for the job.

After draining her coffee cup, Carter returned to the sanctity of her lab. Not enough time to get too involved in work, so she willed herself to relax. She knew she would never pass the medical exam if she did not calm down. Her blood pressure and heart rate would be through the roof and Doctor Fraiser would be forced to ground her.

She could not believe she had allowed herself to drop her guard so blatantly and expose her inner self to Janet the previous evening; could not fathom the need to do so. How could she have screwed up so badly and misread the signals the doctor sent her?

Looking back, the evening had progressed much better than Carter had anticipated, given her nearly incoherent introduction to Janet earlier that morning. She had held all her old fears at bay, and opened herself totally to Janet without realizing she was practically giving the young woman her entire life history.

With the conclusion of her confession, Sam felt relieved, happier than she could remember. Now, she wondered exactly where she went wrong. As her CO was fond of reminding her, she wasn’t the most social person around. She had had relationships in the past, just not very many.

When she was in the Air Force Academy she had a torrid love affair with a fellow cadet. It ended after a short time, since the young woman felt Sam was either unwilling or unable to commit to their relationship. Most recently, while she was stationed in D.C., she had dated women occasionally, but nothing serious.

Her most serious relationship ended disastrously since it was doomed from the start. Sam, in what she still referred to as her ‘fit of lunacy’, became enamored with an older fellow officer. To this day, she internalized she was seeking a father figure to replace her non-existent relationship with her own.

At first, Jonas Hansen had been charming and attentive. Over the months, he quickly began to dominate and belittle Sam, and so she ended that facade prior to the wedding. Only now, she could look back and laugh at herself. She wondered what the hell had ever possessed her to date and almost marry a maniacal man. Thankfully, she came to her senses in time to prevent making the worst mistake of her life.

Sam suddenly jumped from her chair and began to pace the length of her lab. When she reached her desk again, she leaned heavily against it. “The worst mistake of my life,” she repeated the phrase aloud this time. “Damn, those were Janet’s words verbatim.”

Sam had listened to and cataloged Janet’s admissions from the previous night. She just did not like what she had heard. How could she have been so stupid? She was once engaged. Janet was married and divorced. With the click of the proverbial light bulb, she made a mad dash out the door.

She slowed as she neared the entrance to the infirmary. She stood in the doorway with her hands in her pockets searching the room for the petite brunette.

A medic named Lieutenant James, approached Carter. “Captain, are you here early for the pre-mission exams or is there something I can do for you?” He appreciatively eyed Carter.

“Well, I’m looking for Doctor Fraiser,” Sam began. “Has she reported in yet?”

“She’s in her office,” James said as he directed Sam to the closed door.

“Thanks, Lieutenant,” she said with a smile. Sam felt incredibly nervous as she absently combed her moist hands through her hair and straightened her jumpsuit with a tug. Once she felt presentable, she knocked on the door.

“Enter.” Sam heard Janet’s mellifluous voice and butterflies immediately swarmed her stomach.

Sam swallowed involuntarily and with a deep breath apprehensively peeked her head into the doorway. “Doctor Fraiser?”

Janet was seated behind a huge mahogany desk flipping through a manila folder. She smiled brightly upon seeing her visitor. “He-ey, Sam,” she purred. “Please, come in and have a seat.” Janet directed her to an empty chair across the desk with a delicate hand.

Janet casually glanced at her watch. “You’re early,” she stated with a smile, not that she was complaining. “You haven’t been listening to all those rumors have you, Sam?” Admonished the doctor. She watched curiously as Carter blushed and fidgeted. “I really don’t bite.” The doctor’s eyes mischievously twinkled. “Did Colonel O’Neill send you to test the uncharted waters?” Janet continued to tease her.

“Yes. No. Of course not,” she stuttered. “He suggested I come by when he thought I wasn’t feeling well.”

Janet immediately sat straighter in her chair. “Why would he think that? Are you ill? Maybe I should take a look at you.” The words tumbled from Janet’s delicate mouth.

Sam was touched by Janet’s genuine concern. “No, Janet. I’m fine. I’m just a bit tired, that’s all. Nothing to bother you about.”

“You are not bothering me, Captain.” The emphasis on her rank was the only warning she received. The doctor’s eyes darkened as she leaned over the desk. “Don’t EVER think you’re bothering me. Is that clear?” Janet slowly shook her head. “I would hope to think you feel comfortable enough to trust me.” When Sam opened her mouth to interrupt, Janet held up one hand and quickly continued. “ I know we haven’t known each other that long, but I thought, after last night, we had established a connection.”

So, thought Carter, I am right. She felt it too. She permitted her insecurities to surface and almost missed a chance in a lifetime to get to know the beautiful woman. Do not screw this up, Carter.

With a mental shove, Sam’s rich blue eyes met Janet’s deep brown. “I didn’t come here because I was sick.” Although she did feel like she would puke at any moment. Sam’s silence allowed Janet to digest her words. “I came because I wanted to ask you to dinner when I get back from the mission.” Sam nervously wrung her hands in her lap, blushing furiously. She did not realize she had closed her eyes and was surprised to feel a tender squeeze to her shoulder. She slowly raised her head and opened her eyes.

“To dinner? Like a date?” Janet clarified as she held her breath and silently pleaded.

“Yes. Would you go out with me?”

Elated, the doctor could only nod. God, but she was gorgeous. She could drown in those deep blue eyes.

Sam reached up and put her hand over Janet’s still resting on her shoulder. She breathed an explosive sigh and uttered ever so quietly, “Oh, thank you. I don’t know how I was going to handle a negative response. I stayed up all night tossing and turning, convinced you wouldn’t want anything to do with me.”

Janet furrowed her brow. “Sam, why would you think that?” Janet quickly went over last night’s conversation. “My ex-husband.”

“Yes. I should’ve known better, but I just lost focus after you admitted to being married.”

With Sam’s hand tenderly cradled in hers, Janet leaned against her desk. “That’s why you couldn’t sleep last night? You thought because I was once married I wouldn’t go out with you? Oh, Sam. I’m so sorry.”

Confused, Sam asked, “Sorry about what?”

“Next time, I’ll know to hit you with a two-by-four when I want to get your undivided attention,” Janet smirked.

A soft knock at the door separated the women like opposite polarities of a magnet, propelling them towards and then out the door.

“Gentlemen, nice to see you could make it on time.” Janet briefly sorted through the charts she was handed. She had planned on conducting the exams herself. She always made a habit of being personally involved in all initial exams if at all possible.

As CMO, Doctor Fraiser felt it was her duty to be acquainted with all potential patients as best she could to be able to provide optimal care in any given emergency. She had learned, first hand, just how effective a few extra seconds could be in determining if someone lives or dies. These men and women, who willingly and consistently, put their lives on the line so the rest of the world were ignorant of unthinkable enemies, bent on either total submission or total annihilation, deserved her very best.

Fraiser locked eyes with the Colonel. “Colonel O’Neill, you’re first,” she said in her most authoritative voice. She turned and spoke to the others as O’Neill was ushered into exam room one by Lieutenant Rita Simpson. “This won’t take long. Ten minutes tops for each exam, and then you will be free to go.”

Simpson handed the Colonel a flimsy gown that tied in the back. “You know the drill, Sir. Strip down to your boxers and put this on.”

He dutifully accepted what shred of decency he was given and closed the door. He skeptically eyed the gown, and then quickly disrobed.

A polite knock at the door preceded Doctor Fraiser as she stepped into the exam room reading over the colonel’s medical chart. “You received a blow to your head a few months ago. Any lingering side effects?”

So much for small talk. He shook his head and tapped his knuckles on his temple. “I have a hard head,” he smirked then shrugged his shoulders. “It was just a love tap, a reminder to keep my mouth shut.”

“Uh huh.” She flipped another page and positioned the chart on the counter. She removed a penlight from her breast pocket. “Then you won’t mind if I check for myself.” She began by shining the obnoxious light in each eye, and then put him through a few hand eye coordination tests.

The doctor continued by checking his blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature. She moved behind him and positioned her stethoscope to his bare back. With occasional commands to breathe, she moved the stethoscope with practiced ease from his back to his chest.

Doctor Fraiser finally broke her silent ministrations. “Have you sustained any recent injuries?”

He furrowed his brow. “We haven’t jumped in over a week,” he simply stated.

“But you did give Teal’c a boxing lesson, yes?”

“Actually, no. Something else came up.”

Doctor Fraiser looked at O’Neill from head to toe, and then back up again until she was facing him. “Take my advice, Colonel. If and when another boxing opportunity arises, wear lots of padded protection,” she deadpanned and paused for effect. “I do not want to treat anything more serious than a bloody nose.” She stood before him with arms crossed against her chest.

Before O’Neill could utter a response, the doctor turned to leave. “Everything is in order, Sir. You’re as healthy as a horse.” She jotted some notes in his chart. When the expected retort was not flung her way she asked, “Anything else I can do for you, Sir?”

After a few beats, with eyebrows in his hairline, O’Neill smirked, “No, Doc. Even I wouldn’t touch that one.”

Janet snorted as she exited the exam room. Rita was waiting with chart in hand. “Well then, who’s next?” Fraiser asked.

“Captain Carter is ready for you in exam room two, Doctor Fraiser.” She handed over the colonel’s chart and picked Carter’s from the top of the proffered pile.

She could do this. She was a consummate professional. She was also very well practiced in hiding her emotions. This would not be difficult for her. The question was, how would Sam respond to being examined by the very woman she had just asked out on a date?

Doctor Fraiser knocked and entered the exam room in much the same manner as she had approached Colonel O’Neill. Sam fidgeted on the exam table when Janet drew near.

“Relax, Sam. This is just a cursory exam, nothing too invasive.” Janet flashed her most reassuring smile. “But, if you would rather, I could have another physician...”

“No.” Sam hastily interrupted. “This is fine. A little weird, but fine.” She wiped her moist palms on her gown. “Let’s just get this over with, shall we? No offense, but I don’t like exams much. Something about sitting half naked and vulnerable in a tiny room with nowhere to hide makes me nervous.”

Sam picked at an imaginary piece of linen on her gown. “Maybe I’m a little more nervous than usual,” she admitted with a shy smile.

In her most calming, caring bedside manner, Doctor Fraiser completed her physical exam of Captain Carter. It was a pivotal moment in their fledgling relationship. They successfully proved to themselves they would be able to separate their professional and private lives.

Janet leaned against the counter, studying Sam’s chart. She frowned.

“What?” Sam apprehensively asked.

“You suffered a concussion and a bruised kidney when you were assaulted in an elevator by Major Kawalsky?” Janet studied Sam’s face and saw a confirmation as she dipped her head and nodded.

“What is it with SG-1 and their affinity for head trauma?”

Before Sam could reply, Janet continued. “Don’t bother, that was a rhetorical question. I do not want to know.”

Changing her tact, the doctor asked, “So, any problems from these injuries I need to know about, Sam?”

“Nope.” Short and to the point. “No problems.”

“Then we are finished here, Captain.” She smiled at Sam and with a twist of her hand, the door opened and the doctor was gone.

True to her word, Doctor Fraiser completed the exams in forty minutes. Daniel Jackson and Teal’c, in turn, were also given a clean bill of health, and the entire team was dismissed from the infirmary.




The Gate Room.

SG-1 and SG-3 were ready to travel to P3X-797. Colonel Makepeace, the CO of SG-3, was trying to goad O’Neill into an argument. He rudely pushed his way between Carter and O’Neill, trying to assert his team at point.

General Hammond watched from the control room. Unbelievable, they are about to step through a wormhole to another world, and all they could do was flex their muscles to boost their egos. God, he wished he were twenty years younger. He could have given even O’Neill a run for his money.

O’Neill won this round as Hammond watched SG-1 push through the gate first, with SG-3 hanging back to protect their six. A few seconds later, SG-3 rushed through the watery ring. The wormhole disengaged and all was silent.


SG-1 was swarmed immediately by a group of the indigenous population bent on beating the team senseless. Only SG-3’s quick actions and loud discharge of automatic weapons fire scared the Neanderthal-like attackers away.

“Glad you took point.” Makepeace sarcastically said.

Eventually the two teams discovered that this new world was literally divided in two by an invisible line between light and dark. The Land of the Light was home to an advanced Minoan culture, while The Land of the Dark contained the savages. Tupelo, the Minoan leader, explained the savages were cursed and thus banished to stop the spread of infection.

It was an interesting discovery, however neither the savages nor the Minoans could offer anything of militarist value. O’Neill scrubbed the mission much to the consternation of Doctor Jackson and Captain Carter.




SGC Briefing Room

General Hammond sat at the head of the large conference table while Doctor Jackson briefed him on the unusual discovery dubbed the Broca Divide. In the middle of his report, Lieutenant Johnson, wide-eyed and frothing at the mouth, attacked Teal’c without provocation.

The Marine was subdued and escorted to the infirmary. The briefing continued without further interruptions until it’s conclusion an hour later. Then all hell broke loose when two officers from SG-3 fell to their deaths after fighting and crashing through the observation bay window.

Carter and Jackson were in the Gate Room at the time. She jumped off a ladder she was perched on and immediately called for medical assistance. She reached down to feel for a pulse on both of the Marine officers. She should not have bothered. They were both dead, and beyond resuscitation, one with his neck at a hideous angle, the other with the back of his skull crushed.

She moved to make room for the medical team. She absently wiped blood on her pants, and suddenly felt very hot and light-headed. She massaged her neck and made her way to the locker room and showers to wash away the blood and cool her overheated body.

Carter stood under the cool spray of water. As if her very flesh burned, she turned the knob to cold to dowse the soaring heat. Her chaotic thoughts swirled in her mind and she fought to gain some lucidity. Her restraint slipped as one thought fed into another until her mind raced out of control. Something was not right. The duplicity of another consciousness asserted itself and she could not fight against the overwhelming need to be heard.

She exited the shower and quickly dressed in shorts and tank top. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew she should report her odd behavior to...who? She groaned in frustration. More and more of the Captain was pushed to the side as the beast gained control.

The banging of the locker room door startled her. The resulting adrenaline rush catapulted the blonde back to the last shower stall. Safely hidden, it quietly assessed the interloper. The other knew him, was not afraid of him. The beast felt threatened. Powered by the massive catecholamine release, it felt the need to run in ten different directions at once. Carter fought to keep the beast at bay. Unable to release the build up of hormones racing through its blood stream, the beast tore through Carter’s remaining thread of restraint.

O’Neill was toweling his hair dry when the attack came. Sam Carter grabbed him by the back of his neck and crushed her mouth to his. O’Neill’s greater muscle mass was all that saved him as they wrestled, first against the lockers, then to a bench, and back to the lockers again.

As if Carter was trapped in a very tiny compartment of her brain, she watched helplessly as the scene unfolded before her eyes. She no longer controlled her actions. She watched as the beast took charge and assaulted the colonel. It was not about sex. The beast responded to an overwhelming need to dominate and defeat him. The sexual nature of the attack justified the means to an end.

She did not want this, did not want O’Neill. She wanted Janet.

He managed to restrain Carter. The beast within her howled and tried all the harder to free itself. “Time you saw a doctor, Doctor,” he said as he directed her towards the exit.

The beast stopped struggling and the young woman’s fully dilated eyes looked around the locker room sniffing the air. Sam could not stop it. The desire was too great. “Doctor,” the beast growled as her need intensified. “Janet.”

“That’s right, Carter. Be a good girl and we’ll get you to the infirmary and the Doc.”

The beast bolted with O’Neill struggling to keep up. All the while, it held a running monologue about exactly what it planned on doing with and to Janet once it captured and dominated her. Sam powerlessly clung to what little light was left shining as her tiny box was squeezed almost out of existence.

It was a red-faced Jack O’Neill who shouted for help as soon as they were in range of the infirmary. Flushed partially from exertion, but mostly from Carter’s more colorful ramblings, he gratefully relinquished her to Teal’c and two orderlies.

The beast fought viciously as it was thrown on a bed and forcefully held in place by all four men. A low growl emanated from deep within its throat and culminating in a harsh howl, “Janet,” it repeated over and over.

Doctor Fraiser was busy sedating another infected Marine when she heard the commotion. She wasn’t alarmed when she heard the new arrival, more impaired personnel were arriving at a frightening pace. Then she heard her name screamed repeatedly. She turned to the source of the noise, but could not see over the backs of several men trying desperately to hold someone on the bed. Janet grabbed a syringe and ran to help.

Once the doctor was close enough, she recognized voice and face. Stunned, she stopped several feet away. No, no. Not Sam. Please, not Sam.

Janet swiftly gained her composure and Doctor Fraiser emerged. She desperately tried to get to Carter so she could sedate her, but she fought as though possessed.

The beast could no longer articulate. Sensing its impending defeat, with one final heave, it pushed up from the bed and lunged toward Janet. Her pupils were so dilated her eyes turned black with lust. A sheen of perspiration seductively hugged her writhing body, and Janet’s eyes were drawn to the wild woman’s heaving chest, mesmerized by hardened nipples that poked through the sweat soaked shirt as she growled and gasped for air.

Jack O’Neill anticipated Carter’s movements and stepped in front of the doctor. “Whoa, Doc. You do NOT want to be anywhere near Carter right now.”

The overpowering need to help Sam snapped her out of her trance. “God damn it, I need to sedate her before she hurts herself,” Janet spat.

All four men, in unison, looked at Fraiser like she had grown two heads. They were all bleeding from one injury or another inflicted by the enraged woman. Carter, on the other hand, did not have a scratch.

Fraiser watched as the crazed woman was placed in leather restraints. She was once again drawn to the seductive form wrapped in the tight tank top and wondered what it would feel like to have those nipples harden in her mouth. Feeling her own stiffen in response, she attempted to shake off her inappropriate reverie. She thought she must be infected. What else would explain her uncharacteristic response to a patient? No, not just a patient. This was Sam, the woman she had instantly fallen in love with the first time she laid eyes on her.

The doctor needed to clear her head. She had never been in this position before. She was not infected; her judgment was impaired by her deep feelings for Sam. That sobering thought acted as a natural antidote and instantly snapped the doctor into action. She held the syringe in a steady hand and impatiently waited for the men to contain the thrashing young woman. Once Carter was safely restrained, Janet approached to sedate her.

“I mean it!” O’Neill shouted. “Let someone else give her the shot.”

Fraiser glared at him. “Sam is not going to hurt me,” she said as though explaining to a child.

He turned beet red. “I didn’t say she was gonna hurt you, Doc.”

She gave him a quizzical look.

O’Neill suggestively raised his eyebrows and leered.

“Oh! ” Fraiser’s crimson face shone bright, warm with embarrassment, then paled.

Despite the chaotic situation all around them, Jack O’Neill could not suppress a chuckle. “Don’t worry. For what it’s worth, she attacked me in the locker room. Only when I suggested she see a doctor, did she start her...” Jack paused, “... lewd description of you...and her...together.”

He ran his hand through his short hair. “Oh, for cryin’ out loud! The point is, Carter’s not responsible for her behavior.” He pointedly took in the entire infirmary with a worried glance. “I think we’re all gonna have some embarrassing moments before this is over.”

Fraiser hoped he was wrong.

One hour later, Jack O’Neill was dragged kicking and screaming into the infirmary. He had savagely beaten Daniel Jackson after the archaeologist innocently inquired about Carter’s condition.

He was sedated and safely secured in Isolation Room 19. More than half the base was in quarantine exhibiting various symptoms of overtly aggressive behavior. Before it could be contained, the bizarre disease spread unchecked throughout the SGC.




Daniel was stiff from the beating he had taken at the hands of this friend, Jack O’Neill. He and Teal’c were dispatched back to The Land of the Light to retrieve a blood sample from an uninfected inhabitant. Doctor Fraiser had discovered the disease fed on the body’s histamine levels, which she concluded, was the reason neither she nor Daniel contracted the disease. They both suffered from severe allergies and took antihistamines everyday. Teal’c, it seemed, was immune, no doubt due to his symbiote.

Finally, with the aid of information gathered from the blood sample and the working antihistamine hypothesis, Doctor Fraiser was able to counteract the disease. The SGC was once again fully operational.




Sam and Janet enjoyed a quiet evening together. Janet had invited her to dinner at her house, though technically, Sam pointed out, she had asked the doctor out first. Janet assured her it did not matter where they had their first date, just that they had one. The astrophysicist could not argue with her logic.

After dinner, the women moved to the backyard deck. The warm, breezy night shone bright with a sky full of luminous stars. They sat and drank wine in a companionable silence, occasionally stealing shy glances at each other.

Sam broke the silence. “You know, everyone is saying you saved the day. Not a bad way to start.” She sipped her wine. “I don’t know what would have happened if you hadn’t figured this out,” she admitted as she shivered.

“I do,” the doctor said with a sly grin. “I would have spent the rest of my life hiding from sex-crazed, bone-bashing Neanderthals.”

Sam winced. “Yeah, about that, Janet.”

“Don’t you start, too. I have heard far too many apologies in the last couple of days to last me a life time.” She gently placed her hand on Sam’s knee. “Let’s just forget everything and start fresh, okay?"

“I don’t know,” she hesitated. She turned away and looked to the night sky. “I still feel bad about my part in all this.” She could not look Janet in the eye.

Janet reached up and cupped her chin and gently turned her head so she could gaze into Sam’s deep blue eyes. “Let’s make a deal. You can apologize and then we leave all this behind.”

Sam laughed nervously as she ran a trembling hand through wind blown blonde hair. She looked deep into her chocolate eyes, she wanted to study her face for any reaction to what she was about to admit. She took a deep breath, "I really don't remember much, and what I do recall is all jumbled together." She paused gathering her thoughts.

"You're doing fine," the doctor encouraged.

"What I remember the most is while I attacked the Colonel all I could think about was what the hell am I doing? I don't want this." She paused again staring intently at Janet.

"I wanted you, Janet," she admitted in a whisper.

Janet slowly closed her eyes as a beautiful smile sculpted her face.

Sam did not want to stop, not until she told her exactly how she felt. "When I....she....it." She shook her head and grimaced. "Definitely it, the beast. That's how I imagined it in my mind," she continued as the brunette opened her eyes to look upon her with wonder.

"It was like I was squeezed into a tiny little box, unable to think for myself. I watched in horror as it practically raced Colonel O'Neill to the infirmary and finally to you. I was terrified it would inadvertently hurt you."

Carter's ears and face flamed red with embarrassment. "I'm not gonna go into detail about what was unwillingly flooding my paralyzed mind."

Janet raised her hand and snorted. "No need. O'Neill was more than kind enough to enlighten me." Now it was her turn to flame crimson red.

"Oh, God!" She plunged her blonde head into her hands. Abruptly she jumped from the chair and paced the deck, a bundle of nervous energy. She stopped at the far end with her long back to the doctor. "Janet, I am so sorry. You have to believe me, I never..."

Sam was silenced as she was embraced from behind. The petite woman turned the taller blonde around and waited for her to take a few calm breaths. "Apology accepted," she simply stated. When Sam began to protest, she quickly added, "Remember the deal. Apology, then we forget all about this silly mess."

Janet grasped her hands and gently guided her back to their vacated seats. She picked up the bottle of Merlot and refilled their glasses. The women sat in silence, sipping wine and staring at the stars.

"Can you see Abydos from here?" The brunette asked.

Sam barely registered her question as she tore her gaze from the bright pinpoints. Enthralled with pouty red lips, she wondered exactly what it would feel like to taste them. Being the good scientist, she experimented by slowly closing the distance and captured Janet's lips in a soft kiss.

As they slightly parted, Janet unconsciously ran her moist pink tongue over her own lips savoring the sweet taste of wine with a hint of Sam. She leaned forward, and as she kissed Sam again, she felt her smile. Both shifted to deepen the kiss and Janet ran her fine-boned hands over her slender back and then caressed broad shoulders.

Sam could not repress the shiver that inched its way up her spine and moaned into the doctor's mouth as she pulled her closer to wrap her arms around a tiny waist.

Instantly, Janet responded by slipping her tongue between parted lips and began an eager exploration of her mouth. Soon Sam's tongue dueled with hers, giving and taking until neither could breathe.

Time was irrelevant as seconds, moments, an eternity passed. Both women sat immovable savoring this first kiss. It could never be repeated, just a very cherished memory, one of many yet to experience.

Grinning like fools and holding hands, they remained outdoors until the chill night air drove them inside. Janet led Sam to the living room and sat on the big couch. She patted the empty spot beside her and motioned for the blonde to sit.

Sam watched her as she silently walked to the couch and took a seat beside the pretty brunette. She reached for her right hand and tenderly kissed each fingertip with soft lips. She looked up through short blonde bangs. "You are so gorgeous, Janet. I cannot believe I'm here with you," she admitted.

"What's not to believe?" Janet ran just kissed fingers through Sam's unruly hair. "God, Sam. I have never felt this way before." She palmed her face and caressed her cheeks with delicate thumbs. "Let's just be thankful we've found each other, not question the hows or whys."

Speechless, Sam leaned forward and was met halfway by a very eager Janet. As their lips meshed again, she pulled the smaller woman onto her lap. Deliberate lips and tongue conveyed what her voice could not.

Janet turned and straddled slim hips without losing contact with her mouth. Their kisses became less urgent, replaced by deep passionate open-mouthed kisses as they learned to please each other. An unspoken signal separated the women and she cuddled into Sam's left shoulder.

Sam softly played with the brunette's longer dark curls inhaling her sweet scent. "Janet, I've never been very good with sharing myself, my emotions." She kissed her temple. "I know this is all so sudden, but I know it’s right." She paused. "I don't want to mess this up," she said in a small voice.

"Oh, sweetheart. You aren't the only one here who has had a bad track record with relationships. You didn't marry any of your mistakes." Janet shot her a quizzical glance as she suddenly realized she knew nothing of Sam's romantic past, only knew she was very emotionally scarred.

Sam needed to tell her everything, not that there was much to tell. She did not know how to bring it up, but now the opportunity had presented itself. She rubbed Janet's upper arms in a comforting gesture. "No. Almost."

Sam held her breath waiting for the doctor's reaction. When none was forthcoming, she continued. "I was really messed up, drifting along without purpose. I even contemplated quitting the Air Force. Then I met Jonas and he literally swept me off my feet. I thought his undivided attention meant he cared, but all he wanted was someone to dominate. I know now I was trying to replace my father." The words tumbled from her in waves. "Luckily, I came to my senses in time."

Sam was on a roll. "It seems like a lifetime ago, but in actuality only a few years. Then I was recruited for the Stargate Program in D.C. I dated a little, but I guess I never found the right woman." She studied Janet's face willing her to comprehend what she was about to confess. "I was searching for something special, to give my life meaning."

She held Janet's steady gaze. "My life has meaning now. I feel complete. No, that's not exactly true. You complete me, Janet." Her confession was emotionally draining, but she felt much better now it was out in the open.

A perfect teardrop rolled down Janet's face as she fiercely hugged this woman who was brave enough to bare her soul. "Then you know I feel the same." It was a simple statement of fact.

They held each other until late in the evening, content to swap stories of their not so sordid pasts. Simultaneous yawns reminded the women of the late hour. Sam inspected her watch and was surprised to discover it was 2300 hours. "Damn. I've got to report in at 0700." She lightly pressed her lips to Janet's forehead.

"So do I," she whined. "I think this party is officially over."

Sam retrieved her leather jacket from the antique hall tree and holding hands Janet escorted her to the front door. "I had a wonderful time. Well, except for the gut-wrenching bare my soul kinda feeling, but even that had its moments." Sam laughed and embraced the doctor.

Janet ran her hands over her back and up her neck until she was gently urging the taller woman down to meet her lips. She backed Sam up against the door and pressed her body seductively against her. When they came up for air, Janet was pinned between the door and Sam's athletic body.

"I don't want you to leave," she pouted.

"Do you have the weekend off?" Sam waited for her to nod. "Good." Sam flashed her megawatt smile. "I want to spend my every free moment with you." Sam peppered her face with kisses. "Let me show you some of the beautiful places I've discovered here. I'll take you for a ride into the mountains..."

"Sam, I am not getting on that bike." Her tone broached no argument.

"Don't knock it, till you've tried it, Doc," she chided the doctor. After one last kiss, Sam reluctantly relinquished her possessive hold and opened the door.

Janet watched her straddle the huge bike. With an impish grin, Sam winked before slapping the helmet shield in place and eased onto the open road. Janet watched as bike and rider disappeared, and wondered what it would feel like to sit on the back of Sam's bike holding on for dear life.

How the hell am I ever going to resist that smile?




SGC Briefing Room 0900

General Hammond sat at the head of the oblong table. Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c sat to his right and Captain Carter and Daniel Jackson to his left.

"The telemetry received from the MALP sent to PX1-027 revealed a desolate immediate area surrounding the Stargate." Carter paused the video and walked to the screen. "You can clearly see here," she pointed indicating an area off to the right of the gate. "This is where I believe the DHD is hidden among the overgrowth. A large energy reading was detected in that general vicinity."

"What if the DHD doesn't work, Captain?"

"We can dial manually and take an alternate power source to open the gate, Sir."

The General chewed at his bottom lip. "I'm not sure I like the idea of not having a definite way to gate home."

Carter's face fell. "General, if I may, Sir? We all know the risks involved. There are going to be some planets that either won't have a DHD or have a malfunctioning one. That shouldn't prevent us from exploring."

O'Neill raised his index finger. "Carter's got a point, General." Her enthusiasm was infectious. "We can handle a broken DHD. Our problem is finding a way to beat the Goa’uld. We're not going to do that by sitting on our asses and scratching our cosmic heads." He would never be mistaken as a diplomat.

"What Jack is trying to say, General," Daniel quickly interrupted and Jack glared at him. "Even though the Stargate Program is in its infancy, we have learned so much already." He paused to lick his lips. "The main thing we have learned is there is a threat out there," he waved his hands, "that is greater than any other enemy this world has ever encountered. We bloodied Apophis's nose and he will not be content to let that go unpunished for very long."

"What DanielJackson says is true," Teal'c agreed. "Apophis is surely planning an attack on Earth as we speak. It is only a matter of how and when."

"I want more time to ensure the safety of the teams." The General raised his hand to silence the protests from around the table. "Just until the MALP can gather more information." He addressed Captain Carter. "I want you to run the MALP, Captain."

"Yes, Sir."


SG-1 remained as Hammond exited the briefing room. Carter, clearly upset, pushed back from the table with a groan.

"What's the matter, Carter?" Asked O'Neill. "He didn't say we couldn't go. You just have to prove we're not going to get stuck off-world or killed."

"Yes, Sir." She agreed. The quicker she got started, the quicker her weekend with a certain gorgeous doctor approached. A small smile graced her features making her blue eyes twinkle.




The Control Room bustled with activity. Carter finished programming the computer set to control the MALP and declared it ready for recon of PX1-027.

Sgt. Siler ran a last minute check on the gate. "All ready here, Sir," he informed the captain.

"Okay, Sarge." She turned and addressed the rest of the workers in the room. "Let's get started."

She directed her gaze to the nervous young man to her right. "Lt. Simmons, dial it up," she ordered.

Once the seventh chevron locked, the gate exploded into an impressive mass of whirling blue liquid, opening a direct wormhole to PX1-027. The monitor in front of Carter projected a picture immediately beyond the gate.

Before she commanded the MALP forward, she panned the camera 360 degrees. No new surprises since the last transmissions. It started down the ramp angling toward the overgrowth where she suspected the DHD was hidden from view. The energy level had matched the previous spike.

"I want to see if we can determine exactly what's in there." She manipulated the clumsy machine closer to the deep thicket. "There." She pointed. A flash of red as the camera zoomed in on its intended target, and then the now familiar symbols of the Stargate came into view.

"The DHD?" Simmons asked.

"Yeah. The amount of energy emanating from it would indicate a working DHD." Carter could not contain a huge triumphant grin.

The captain maneuvered the MALP back and away from the DHD. "Ready for a road trip, gentlemen?" She rubbed her hands together, barely able to contain her enthusiasm.

An unused path of sorts lead away from the gate. The topography consisted of mostly flat land with some mountains in the near distance. A thriving green forest covered the area toward the west. The MALP slowly rolled down the path collecting data.

Two hours later, the painstaking journey reached the foothills of a much larger mountain range. The tedious process of engaging and disengaging the wormhole every thirty minutes and mapping and cataloging information gave Carter a headache. She massaged her temples and sighed.

General Hammond's reflection appeared in the window in front of her. "What have you found, Captain?"

"Sir," she turned to face her superior. "We were able to get a much closer look and positively identified the DHD. The amount of energy detected suggests it is in working order." She tilted her head toward the monitor, which projected the view of the foothills. "These dark areas," she began, "appear to be openings to a vast system of caves." Carter was in her element. Unconsciously tapping her fingers on the desk, she practically hummed with anticipation.

"We were about to explore the closest cave. I don't expect the MALP to navigate much once the terrain gets rougher, but I think we can accumulate enough information to justify a jump, Sir."

With wide glazed eyes, Carter studied the dark images of the huge cavern. "Simmons, switch on the flood lights." She was so engrossed with the pictures she completely forgot Hammond still stood over her.

"Captain, don't work much longer. You've had the gate open for over two hours now. Once this wormhole disengages, call it a day."

Her pale complexion and the slight sag of her shoulders told him she was overextending herself yet again. He made a mental note to have O'Neill keep a tighter reign on her hours spent working. If that did not work, then he would call on the big dog. He doubted Doctor Fraiser ever had trouble getting people to adhere to her orders.

Hammond motioned her away from the computer. His facial expression and tone softened. "Sam, you have to stop pushing yourself so hard."

She opened her mouth to protest, but the utter look of fatherly disapproval stopped her. "Yes, Sir," she conceded. "If we find anything interesting I'll have Daniel take a look."

"You do that, then go home. That’s an order. I don’t want to see or hear about you on base this weekend. Do I make myself clear, Sam?” His smile belied his gruff voice.

“Crystal, Sir.” Even though she was eager to begin spending some time with Janet, she still felt annoyed by the fact Hammond placed limits on her time. Some of her most creative ideas occurred late at night while the base was empty and quiet.

She watched Hammond as he climbed the stairs to his office. She knew his concerns for her were genuine. Sam had known George Hammond for as long as she could remember. He and her father, General Jacob Carter, were best friends for many years. In countless ways, he was more of a father than Jacob. Especially since her mother’s death and her joining the Air Force. Where her father was cold and demanding, Hammond constantly offered support and encouragement.

“Captain, I think you should take a look at this.” Simmons excited tone ended her musings.

She quickly strode back to the monitor. The illuminated walls depicted a multitude of drawings and runes. The majority of which consisted of pictorials showing the enslavement of an entire world by a large central figure with glowing eyes. The Eye of Ra clearly decorated the man’s chest.

“Record as much of this as you can before the wormhole disengages.” She glanced at her watch. Ten more minutes. More than enough time to document this civilization's probable demise, and give Daniel sufficient information to decipher for at least the weekend.




Thirty minutes later, SG-1 again assembled in the Briefing Room with the General.

“So what you are saying, Doctor Jackson, is that Ra once conquered, enslaved, and then killed these people. I thought the Goa’uld thrived on worshipers?” Hammond asked.

“They get off on power. The power to do anything that pleases them.” Daniel flipped a few pages of his notebook. “Who knows what caused Ra to annihilate these people. The answer could be there. Sam didn’t have enough time to record all the information on the cave walls, and there are many more caves yet to be explored.” Daniel subtly hinted.

“The caves have been undisturbed for a long time.” O’Neill pointed out. “Threat assessment seems low. Looks like we might learn something about the Goa’uld, at least maybe Ra.” He doodled on the paper in front of him.

“Ra is dead.” The General pointed out.

“Yes, Sir.” Carter interjected. She looked at O’Neill as he shrugged his shoulder and frowned. “Fairly sure, Sir,” she stuttered. Her scowl matched the colonel’s. “The point is, Sir,” she continued. “Any information we learn about the Goa’uld could possibly give us an advantage when Apophis, or anyone else, decides to attack.”

All eyes rested on Hammond. He sat stone faced and silent mulling over their options. Abruptly he reached his decision. The Goa’uld were coming, and, as the first line of defense, they were totally unprepared for an attack of that magnitude. “You have a go, people.” He gazed at the clock on the wall. “Due to the late hour and the weekend approaching, the jump to PX1-027 will tentatively be set on Monday.” Before they could protest he added, “Those caves have been undisturbed for years, a few more days won’t matter. Dismissed.”

A chorus of ‘yes sirs’ met the General’s ears as he rose from his chair. He addressed O’Neill. “Jack, I need to speak with you.” The men held a whispered conversation in the corner of the room.

Teal’c, Daniel, and Sam remained seated. “Teal’c, I could use your help with some of the translations.”

Teal’c dipped his head in acknowledgment.

Daniel hurriedly picked up his various books and quickly moved to catch Carter before she left. “Sam,” he shouted. “Wait up. How about some dinner with Teal’c and me, and then we can get to work on the translations?”

“Sorry, Daniel.” She noticed both the General and O’Neill suddenly were very interested in her conversation with the archaeologist. “I’ve already made plans for this weekend.” She flashed an apologetic smile.

“Okay. See you on Monday.”

“CaptainCarter.” Teal’c said in parting as he and Daniel headed for the mess.

Carter hastily retreated before O’Neill knew she was gone. She made it to her lab and thought she was clear and free. She checked her e-mail for anything new that might need taken care of before she headed home.

As she waited, she walked over to her workbench and fiddled with the UAV she was currently working on. Soon they would have a more accessible way to scout new worlds. The MALP performed well within its limitations, but an aerial view of a much larger area would prove more efficient.

The computer signaled ten new messages and Carter quickly scrolled through them. Only one immediately caught her attention.


I guess you’ve been busy too.

I called earlier, but you were

working on something in the Gate Room.

Drop by my office before you leave

and we can finalize our plans.


She scanned the remaining e-mails and found nothing that needed her immediate attention. Walking to the workbench again, she collected a notebook and few scratch pads full of equations.

“Knock, knock.”

“Sir.” Damn. Not fast enough.

O’Neill leaned in the doorway with hands in his pockets. “When you told Daniel you had plans, I thought maybe you were giving him the brush off. Looks like I was right,” he admonished. “You know, Carter, all work and no play.... yada, yada.”

“Actually, Sir, I am preparing to sign out now.” She gracefully moved around the room securing the lab. She packed her laptop, notebook, and a few journals into her satchel and slung it over her shoulder. Grabbing her leather coat she fished for the keys.

“Great. I’m on my way out, too. Let’s grab a few beers and something to eat.” He looked forward to some time alone with her. He knew he shouldn’t, regulations frowned on that sort of thing, but he had done it in the past without recrimination.

“Sir, I really have made plans.”

He gave her a doubtful look. He surmised she packed enough work in her bag to keep her busy the entire time she was away from the base. “Look, I’ll be honest here. Hammond said you’ve been working too much lately.”

He pointed to the partially assembled UAV. “You’re working on that and mapping PX1-027. In addition to whatever else you’ve got floating around up there.” He tapped her forehead. “I promised the General I would see to it you backed off a bit.”

He had been trying to get her to relax for weeks now. She did not socialize much, and when she did, it was always with the team. He was eager to get to know her much better, without the team.

“I agree, Colonel. I have been overextending and I plan on a very relaxing weekend.” She ushered him out the door and locked the lab.

She had surprised him. He expected a fight, not an agreement. He would have to trust she was being truthful. If not, he would have to go to Plan B. He was sure Doc Fraiser could put the fear of God in anyone.

“I’ll walk out with you, Carter.”

“I need a few more things out of my quarters before I leave. You go ahead. I’ll see you on Monday. Have a good weekend, Sir.” Carter hoped she wasn’t too abrupt, but sometimes he could be quite dense, and he was beginning to make her feel uncomfortable.

“Yeah, sure. You too, Carter.” No way in hell did he believe her now. Time to make a phone call.




Doctor Fraiser was having a very bad day. The infirmary was unusually busy. She expected to have a quiet day catching up on the journal she was preparing for the CDC. She found that too much downtime and too much fooling around in the gym were almost as bad as a jump gone terribly wrong.

Some members of SG-2 and SG-3 apparently harbored animosity going as far back as the Academy. A volleyball grudge match quickly got out of hand resulting in bruises, sprains, a broken nose, a concussion, and a nasty laceration that required twenty sutures. Her only consolation being she had a captive audience for the stinging reprimand thrown their way. Luckily, only Captain Megan Owens required overnight observation for her minor closed head injury.

To compound her own growing headache, she received a rather bizarre phone call from Colonel O’Neill. He and General Hammond were concerned about Sam’s health. They both thought she was working too much and she needed a break. Hammond had gone as far as ordering her away from the base for a couple of days. O’Neill admitted trying to lure her away for dinner and drinks. Alone. The doctor definitely needed to find out what motivated their actions.

A soft knock at the door interrupted her train of thought.

The doctor opened the door to reveal a disheveled, out of breath Sam Carter. The blonde quickly closed the door behind her and with a huge sigh leaned heavily against it.

Janet quirked her left eyebrow.” What the hell is that all about?”

“I’ll tell you later.” She swooped in for a quick peck on the lips. “Mmm, I missed you today.” She dropped her coat and bag to wrap her arms around the smaller woman and kissed her again.

Janet broke the kiss, but not the embrace.“Sa-am, you know we shouldn’t be doing this here,” she chastised even as she pushed her more firmly against the door and kissed Sam within an inch of her life.

Carter managed a strangled moan before necessity caused her to pull away from the doctor’s demanding mouth. Panting furiously, she uncoiled the doctor’s arms from her neck and gently pushed her back a step. “You are a tease.”

“I didn’t hear any complaints.” She wore a satisfied smirk.

“How could I with your tongue shoved down my throat?” Janet’s sultry laugh caused an involuntary shiver down her spine.

Taking her by the hand, Janet led her to an office chair while she hitched her right hip on the edge of the desk with her arms folded across her chest. She allowed a moment for both of their pulses to settle back to some semblance of normal. “Are you finished for the day?”

Sam nodded. “Yeah.” She leaned back in the chair and combed her hands through her unruly hair. “How about you?”

“I need to make one final round and report off to Warner.” The doctor leaned in and brushed a few arrant blonde bangs. “I won’t be long.”

“I’ll just wait here,” she said as the doctor retreated and quietly closed the door behind her.

Janet returned twenty minutes later to find Sam asleep. Her long legs stretched out and crossed at the ankles. She marveled at her beauty. She looked almost childlike innocently sleeping with her guard down. Janet hated to wake her, but the small chair could not be comfortable.

“Sam,” she gently shook her shoulder. “Sammy, wake up.”

She slowly returned to consciousness and opened her eyes. Blinking, she focused on the beauty before her. Sam smiled sheepishly, embarrassed to have fallen asleep. “Sorry, guess I was more tired than I thought.”

“I know we planned on spending time together tonight, but if you’re too tired......”

“Are you kidding? I’ve been anxiously waiting for this day to end.” She tried to stifle a yawn.

Janet did not look convinced.

“Just one of my famous power naps.” Sam stooped to retrieve her leather coat and bag. “Come on, Doc.” She hooked their arms and steered the doctor out of the office and eventually the base.




The silver SUV pulled into the driveway just ahead of the roaring Indian. Janet juggled the Chinese takeout and her house keys with steady hands as she made her way to the porch. She gracefully ascended the stairs and precariously shifted the burden between her left knee and the door. Unlocking and pushing the door open, she placed the food on the hall table and turned to see what was taking her girlfriend so long. Girlfriend. Yes, she could get used to saying that in a heartbeat.

Janet slowly walked toward the driveway and raked an admiring eye over the lithe blonde figure bent over the large motorcycle. Sam had changed into a pair of faded blue jeans and white blouse after her encounter with O’Neill in the lab. The tight jeans curved her hips and ass like a second skin and the tiny brunette wondered what it would feel like to run her hands over the blue denim. She unconsciously fanned herself as a warm glow crawled its way up her chest and face. Blood pounded in her ears and her breathing came in irregular shallow breaths.

Sam shivered as goose bumps covered her flesh and the short fine hairs on the back of her neck prickled. She unfastened her bag from the back of the bike and turned in time to catch Janet’s lust filled eyes caressing her body. A mischievous smile spread across the blonde’s features when she realized she had caught Janet ogling her. “See something you like?”

Lust quickly turned to embarrassment. “God, I am so sorry, Sam.”

Sam snaked an arm around a narrow waist and kissed her forehead. “Don’t be. I rather enjoyed it.” Then playfully added, “ But not as much as you apparently did.”

Janet studied her companion as they ate dinner and chatted about their respective days at work. She was captivated by Sam’s account of running the MALP and exploring the caves. She was so passionate about her work. It was hard not to be ensnared by her enthusiasm, and easy to forget exactly why they needed to explore those new worlds.

A morose feeling coursed its way through the doctor. She had finally found someone she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, and that person happened to have the most dangerous job conceivable. Life had a very twisted sense of humor.

Sam sensed her change in demeanor and instinctively recognized why she became uneasy. She knew her job was dangerous, but never gave it a second thought.

Until now.

Now she had the attention of this amazing, intelligent, beautiful woman. She suddenly realized Janet’s position as CMO put her in as much danger as jumping to worlds unknown. It was not a comforting thought. They were specialists in their individual fields of science and brought together because of their particular need to be pushed and challenged.

Sam had to admit that they both were thrill seekers, death defiers. The attraction was undeniable. Reconciliation of the fear would take time, but she knew they could handle anything together.

It was Janet’s turn to feel Sam retreat. She needed to steer this conversation into a different direction, so she recounted the tale of the now infamous volleyball match. Soon she had Sam rolling on the floor, her sparkling cobalt blue eyes glistening with laughter. The dark mood broken, both women simply enjoyed the easy friendship.

Empty cartons littered the coffee table. Sam sat on the floor with her back to the couch wearing a satiated smile. She had not eaten all day and the food tasted better than it probably was.

Looking at Janet across the table, she suddenly felt the distance between them. Stretching her long legs she motioned for Janet to join her. “C’mere.” She guided Janet to sit between her legs and wrapped her arms around a narrow waist. She snuggled closer and rested her chin on her shoulder. “Mmm, much better,” she purred in her ear.

Janet leaned back against Sam’s soft body. She had never felt more content in her entire life. She turned her head to the side and tenderly caressed Sam’s cheek then shifted slightly and cuddled into her shoulder.

A soft snore disrupted her dream. She tried to turn away from the offensive noise, but couldn’t move. A lazy blue eye slowly opened and discovered she was sitting on the floor with a sleeping Janet still nestled in her arms. She allowed herself to slowly drift awake basking in the sweet smell of the tiny brunette.

Sam did not want to spend the rest of the night sleeping on Janet’s living room floor, but was unwilling to end her embrace so soon. She closed her eyes and tried to recall her dream, but it quickly faded as she became more awake. She knew she had dreamed of Janet and desperately wanted to get it back. All she could remember were deep feelings of love and contentment.

She tightened her hold on the smaller woman and deeply sighed. She could not go back to sleep. The floor was too uncomfortable and she needed to stretch her long legs.

“Janet,” she whispered as she ran her hand through brown bangs and softly brushed her lips across her brow. “Honey, wake up.”

Janet woke with a start immediately alert, a perk of all the long nights taking call during her residency. “He-ey,” she smiled as she locked onto piercing blue eyes. She was reluctant to move, but knew Sam must be stiff from lying on the cold floor. She climbed out of the taller woman’s lap and pulled her to her feet.

Sam groaned as she was hauled off the floor.

“Your back?” Asked the doctor.

The blonde nodded. “Yeah, it’s a little stiff.” She stretched her long lanky figure. “And my ass.” She absently rubbed her bottom. At Janet’s questioning look, she added. “It’s numb, Doc.”

They experienced their first awkward silence since their introduction by General Hammond. This was it. Either Sam stayed the rest of the night or they said their goodbyes and parted company.

Sam panicked as the dilemma of should she stay or go seeped into her addled brain. She absently kicked at the corner of the coffee table, keeping her gaze averted from probing brown orbs. She could not understand the hesitancy that suddenly erupted to the surface.

Janet studied her companion. Her body language screamed uncertainty and doubt. The young doctor understood why she was reticent to give in to her deeply buried emotions. She also knew, without a doubt, she was the one to help her learn to trust again.

Sam jumped when a soft hand took her own. Slowly she turned to look upon those very brown eyes smiling with warmth and understanding. An audible sigh escaped the blonde’s lips as she formed a knowing smile of her own. She caressed soft knuckles with her thumb and permitted the smaller woman to head her toward the stairs. With a backward glance she appraised the cluttered room. “Shouldn’t we take care of this mess?”

“I’ll clean up later.” The doctor assessed her with a clinical eye. “We’re both dead on our feet. It’ll keep till morning.”

They climbed the stairs hand in hand. There was no discussion as to where Sam would sleep tonight as Janet directed her to her own bedroom. They both knew this was the next natural progression in their evolving romance.

Sam allowed the smaller woman to pull her into the bedroom. She had fantasized of this exact moment, more times than she cared to admit. Now, standing there with the beauty of her dreams, she suddenly felt vulnerable. She retreated into herself. Fighting the urge to wrap her arms around her exposed body, her hands fell limply to her sides.

Janet closed the distance between them, but stopped short of embracing her. “Sam, I will NEVER hurt you.” She stared into impossibly deep blue eyes as a myriad of emotions reflected in the sparkling liquid pools. She could only guess how difficult this was for Sam.

As uncertainty gave way to trust, Sam inched forward begging to be touched by this breathtaking goddess standing before her. The taller woman stooped to bury her head into a soft shoulder and neck as she hugged the smaller woman.

Janet wrapped her arms around Sam trailing up her back and neck to run fine-boned fingers through blonde hair. She gently massaged her scalp before urging her head back. Janet’s heart soared at the sight of big blue eyes and a huge cheeky grin.

“Sorry about the panic attack,” the blonde apologized. “I do want this...you.” She sighed and ran a weary hand over her face. “I think I’m just too tired to deal with all these emotions I’ve kept bottled up for so long.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” Janet declared as she caressed a pale cheek “We have all the time in the world.” She stretched to place a soft kiss on willing lips. She broke the kiss and stepped back to run an appraising eye over her exhausted form. “But, right now you need to get into bed for some much needed sleep.”

Sam acquiesced. “Okay, but I need to retrieve my bag from downstairs.” She quickly departed.

The brunette watched her retreating form and sighed. Recalling O’Neill’s earlier phone call, she vowed to keep a very close eye on Sam. She wanted to question her about his and the General’s concerns, but that could wait until tomorrow. The creaking noise of Sam ascending the stairs interrupted her musings.

She strolled in the bedroom with bag in hand and quickly rifled though the contents. She located a plain black t-shirt and a pair of khaki shorts. Not very enticing, but the best she could do on such short notice. She would have to make time to do some clothes shopping in the very near future. She did not have the desire to buy intimate apparel in a long time, but that would change now that she was about to have the lovely doctor share her bed. She could not contain a huge grin at that thought.

She chanced a quick glance at Janet, who stood in the walk in closet, just as she pulled her shirt over her head and naked back muscles rippled as she reached around to unclasp her bra.

“Oh, God,” Sam quietly breathed. She was tired, not dead. She added much louder, “I’ll just be a minute.” She fled into the bathroom.

The brunette looked over her shoulder as Sam closed the bathroom door and chuckled as she realized what had spooked the other woman. At least she was not the only one feeling the tension.

After donning a long purple nightshirt she moved to the bed and pulled the comforter and sheets back. She decided it would be best to just slip under the covers and wait for Sam to join her. No use in tempting fate.

Finally Sam emerged and stopped dead in her tracks when she spied Janet already in bed. She wondered how she was going to manage to sleep with the woman of her dreams without touching her.

As Sam stood musing, Janet pulled the covers back and patted the bed. “C’mon, Sam. We’re too tired to do anything.” She raised an eyebrow and smiled. “I want to sleep with your arms around me.”

The blonde returned her smile and climbed in. She automatically wrapped strong arms around her and kissed her temple. They snuggled together in the warm bed, Sam on her back and Janet draped over her right side.

“Sam?” She lifted her head slightly to look upon her bedmate. At Sam’s raised eyebrow, she continued, “This is nice.” She brushed soft lips against the blonde’s and lightly caressed a bare firm abdomen before leaning into a delicate ear and whispered, “G’night, baby. Sweet dreams.”

Sam groaned and willed her heart rate and breathing back to normal as she ran long, slender fingers casually through brown curls as Janet once again settled onto warm pliant flesh.

God, this woman is an insufferable tease. She would most definitely enjoy exploring all levels of the unique, and slightly dangerous, Janet Fraiser.

Slow even breathing informed her the brunette was already fast asleep. As tired as she was, she found it difficult to actually succumb to slumber. There must be some obscure law against sleeping with a beautiful woman without truly sleeping with her. A huge yawn cracked Sam’s sleepy face. It was her last conscious thought prior to falling into the first sound uninterrupted sleep she experienced in a long time.




The early morning sunshine spilled through the bedroom window illuminating the entwined figures sleeping on the big bed. The brunette shifted her slight frame and slowly drifted awake, her right leg draped across shapely slim hips and her right arm over a firm abdomen. She raised her head from the blonde’s t-shirt clad breast to stare into a beautifully relaxed face totally devoid of its usual intensity.

She felt privileged to see a part of Sam Carter that very few ever had a chance to witness. Janet vowed she would be the last. She would wait for Sam as long as necessary, not that she thought it would take the blonde woman long to give into her renewed feelings. She saw the love reflected in deep blue eyes every time Sam looked at her. Those expressive eyes were windows into her very soul. Janet shivered remembering how that intense gaze slowly appraised her body. They had only kissed so far, but the hunger behind those eyes more than hinted to the fire simmering just below the surface.

Sam stirred and quietly mumbled incoherently in her sleep. Feather soft wisps of brown hair tickled her neck as she became aware of her surroundings. She tightened her embrace and placed a soft kiss on Janet’s forehead. “Good morning, beautiful.”

Leaning forward, the diminutive brunette captured moist lips in a proper good morning kiss. “Mmm.” She seductively ran her tongue over her lips savoring the kiss. “Yes, it is a good morning.” She smiled and laid her head back on her companion’s breast, gently massaging soft circles over her quivering abdomen.

So many sensations flooded her at once, too many to catalog. Ecstatic beyond belief, but most of all, she felt completely safe engulfed in the lovely doctor’s strong embrace. They lay together quietly enjoying the novelty of waking in each other’s arms.

“You know, I could get used to this.” Sam admitted with a shy grin.

Janet’s head snapped to attention and roving fingers abruptly stopped painting intricate patterns on supple flesh. Sam grasped her hand and intertwined long fingers with smaller delicate ones. She lifted their hands to her waiting mouth and kissed the smaller digits one at a time.

“Know what else I could get used to?” She asked with a mischievous glint in her adorable azure eyes.

The playful shift in Sam’s demeanor caught her off guard. “I have no idea,” she breathed.

Sam laughed and pounced on the unsuspecting doctor, rolling her onto her back. The abrupt change in position hiked the purple nightshirt, which normally rested below her knees, to expose nicely toned thighs. She quickly straddled her legs and raised clasped hands to rest above Janet’s head. She leaned down and pressed her mouth to eager soft lips.

Janet flicked her tongue along a moist lower lip eliciting a moan from the excited blonde, and then thrust her tongue between swollen lips to begin a thorough exploration of the moist, warm cavity.

Hands finally free to roam, Sam caressed her flushed face and ran trembling fingers through soft brown locks. Their shared passion escalated as Janet lured her tongue to join her own and deepened the passionate kiss. Sam moaned loudly again when she felt a small soft hand slide under her shirt and gently palmed her firm left breast. Only the need to breathe finally ended the fiery kiss.

Janet continued her ministrations under the black t-shirt prompting the squirming woman to groan. She delighted in coaxing the guttural reaction from her lover and wondered what other reactions she could elicit. While her right hand remained fastened to Sam’s pert breast, the other roamed around her muscular back and slipped into her shorts and panties to feel the blonde’s bare firm ass. She tightened her grip on the round globe and urged her forward on her thighs.

One need not be a rocket scientist to get the not so subtle hint and she immediately began to rock her hips as she once again took possession of Janet’s seductive mouth.

The shrill ring of the phone on the bedside table broke the spell. Eyes glazed and panting heavily, Sam glared at the phone and then back to the delicious woman lying so willingly beneath her. Momentarily torn between the two, she smiled and leaned down for another scorching kiss.

Janet tore her mouth away and groaned. “Honey, you know I have to answer that.” She gently pushed a sulking Sam away and reached for the night stand. She added apologetically, “It might be work.”

She could not resist sucking on a pouty lower lip as she lifted the phone and cradled it to her chest. With a succulent pop, Janet released her red, swollen lip and without breaking eye contact she answered the phone. “Fraiser.”

Janet’s dilated, dark brown eyes nearly bugged out of her head. She cupped the receiver and whispered to Sam. “It’s my mother.”

Sam rubbed her hands over squinted eyes and rolled off Janet to rest on her back. “What a mood killer,” she groaned. She had been feeling like a teenager again, ruled by barely contained raging hormones, so it was only fitting they got caught making out by one of their parents.

Janet flashed her a sympathetic smile and gracefully hopped off the bed and nervously paced the bedroom.

“What? No, no. You didn’t interrupt anything.” She swiftly walked out of the bedroom. The bedroom she had shared with her female lover. She silently wondered if mothers had a second sight.

“Liar.” Echoed through the doorway. She heard Janet’s voice grow distant as she descended the stairs. “Damn.” She blew shaggy blonde bangs from her forehead. “Time for a cold shower.” She jumped off the bed and into the bathroom.

In the kitchen, far away from Sam and temptation, Janet continued her conversation with her mother. The phone call really was not unexpected, simply forgotten.

Marjorie Fraiser, Kate to her friends, usually touched base with her only daughter every Saturday the doctor was not on duty. Janet normally loved the instant connection she felt with her mother during these weekly calls. She genuinely missed her family and occasionally felt pangs of guilt over being stationed so far away to a classified project. She considered these weekly chats with her mother a lifeline at times. She so enjoyed hearing about the antics of her two younger brothers, any information, no matter how small, brought her that much closer to her family.

But today was an exception, her mind wandered while her mother filled her in with the latest family happenings and even a little gossip. She heard water running upstairs and smiled at the thought of a naked Sam Carter stepping into her shower. Another image quickly followed of an equally naked Janet Fraiser joining the beautiful blonde as water cascaded seductively over her broad shoulders and down a well toned back.

Janet closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip. She needed to stop that train of thought immediately before her mother noticed her lack of participation in the decidedly one-sided conversation.

Sam had certainly opened her eyes to many new discoveries, one of which consisted of an amazing lack of self-control when thinking about the lovely young woman. Janet simply could not remember a time when she was not in complete control of her emotions prior to meeting the enigmatic captain.

She wondered, not for the last time she was sure, how she would deal with these feelings if Sam did not reciprocate them. The doctor silently chastised herself for thinking such negative thoughts; she knew Sam had strong feelings for her as well. She could add insecurity to her ever-growing list of heretofore unknown and undesirable qualities.

With considerable effort, Janet put thoughts of Sam away and concentrated on her mother’s voice, which agilely changed the subject to Janet’s father, a topic the brunette did not like to speak about under the best of circumstances.

Jameson Fraiser was a difficult man to please. He was also retired Army. Growing up the eldest of three children in the Fraiser household was hard under the command of her impassive father, only her mother’s enormous capacity for love saved the children from becoming cold, distant adults. Janet knew her father loved them, but was unable to show his feelings.

She wished he had been around more when they were young, he may have learned to show his feelings more if he had not been away from the family life for so long. At first, they moved to wherever he was stationed, but as the moves became more frequent and harder on the young children, Marjorie had put her foot down and demanded a home base from which Jameson could come and go as the Army allowed.

Janet listened as her mother casually hinted it would be nice to see her only daughter sometime in the near future. She wondered when her mother had become so proficient in laying guilt trips on her unsuspecting children, and curious if she would ever acquire that ability, but surmised in all likelihood she would not.

As a physician, she knew she would never conceive a child, as a woman she never gave up hope of one day being a mother. Janet sighed. That was a dream best dreamed another day, so she carefully directed the conversation to happier topics.

A few moments later the phone call ended with Janet’s promise to try and visit over her father’s birthday in a few months.

She had puttered about the kitchen while she had talked with her mother, starting a fresh pot of coffee and baking some blueberry muffins. The shower no longer sounded from upstairs and Janet expected the aroma from the kitchen to send the blonde downstairs any moment.

She was not disappointed when Sam thundered down the stairs and followed her nose into the kitchen.

“Mmmm, coffee.” She walked over to Janet and hugged the smaller woman before planting a small kiss on her waiting lips.

The oven timer sounded and Janet extracted herself to remove the blueberry muffins.

Sam’s eyebrows disappeared behind wet bangs. “Coffee and blueberry muffins? Why Doc, you ARE multitalented, aren’t you,” she teased.

“You have no idea,” Janet husked.

Sam considered herself lucky she did not have anything in her mouth at the time or she surely would have choked. Janet chuckled and, taking her by the hand, led the speechless blonde to the table and set a cup of steaming coffee in front of her. Sam wrapped an arm around the tiny waist and guided the smaller woman onto her lap.

They sat together enjoying the warm morning sun filtering through the bright kitchen sipping hot coffee from the same cup.

“This is nice, Janet.” She placed the coffee cup on the table and turned the brunette around so they were face to face. A soft thumb rhythmically brushed a tanned cheek as hypnotic blue eyes entranced the smaller woman. “ I haven’t felt this relaxed in a long time.”

Truth be told, the ever driven soldier/astrophysicist had never felt so peaceful in her entire adult life, and probably most of her childhood. Losing her mother at such a young age scarred the emotionally blossoming teenager more than Sam would, or could, ever admit. It was a testimony to her strength of character and indomitable will that she ever survived the absence of both parents, one to death, the other indifference.

The young doctor silently watched as a myriad of emotions washed over the usually stoic face, content for the moment to give Sam the time to reflect on her feelings. She had no idea how deeply the hidden emotions ran, but the longer she spent in Sam’s company the more these buried feelings threatened to surface. The doctor was grateful to be witness to Sam’s catharsis. She did not realize she was more than an observer; she was the sole reason behind the young woman’s transformation.

Sam could barely contain herself around the beautiful brunette anymore. She knew she was way past the point of no return, and tried to rein those feelings in for fear of scaring the only woman she had ever loved away from her forever. She needed to slow down, but every time she touched her, tasted her, she found her resolve slipping. She wanted Janet, more than that, she desperately needed the passionate woman in her life.

Sam lightly touched her forehead to Janet’s and sighed. “I love how you make me feel. I never knew it could be this intense.” She moved her head away from the woman shaking in her powerful grasp. “Janet?” She had gone too far, admitted too much. Now she would pay the price.

The young doctor could not sit still as the confession tumbled from her lips. “God, Sam. I’ve been trying to hold myself back for fear of overwhelming you and frightening you away.” She cradled pale cheeks and lovingly caressed soft skin. “I can’t lose you now that I know what love truly feels like.”

Sam closed her eyes and smiled into soft hands.

“What are you thinking?” Janet’s voice was barely above a whisper, afraid to shatter the moment.

“I’m thinking... I think too damn much.” Crystal blue eyes opened and intently gazed at the smaller woman in her arms. “I was thinking the same as you. I didn’t want to scare you away by telling you so soon,” she paused and then continued. “How much I love you.”

Janet closed the distance and kissed her love passionately. Moments passed as lips fused together and tongues danced back and forth. Moaning without restraint, Janet slipped her fingers from heated cheeks and ran them through slightly wet blonde hair. When the impassioned kiss finally ended, Janet simply rested her head against Sam’s chest content to hear the roaring freight train subside to a much normal rhythm.

Resting her cheek on brown locks, Sam quietly enjoyed the intimate embrace. She remembered a time, what seemed a lifetime ago, sitting in a similar kitchen wrapped in her mother’s consoling arms. Little Samantha had fallen and abraded the palm of her hand and her mother had kissed and hugged the little girl until the sting and tears were gone. Her mother had a magical, mysterious way of doing and saying the right things to comfort her only daughter.

Sam loved her mother unconditionally as only children can, and missed her more than she could say. Her ability to love and be loved died along with her mother that tragic day. Being with Janet reminded her how she used to feel with her mother, whether she was healing a hurt, reading a bedtime story, or just laughing and playing with her little girl. She had always made her feel loved.

The petite woman instinctively sensed the change in her love’s mood. She turned questioning brown orbs toward the blonde. “What’s wrong, honey? Why are you so sad?” Janet was frightened of the answer, how could admissions of love garner such a sad look?

“I’m sorry, Jan. I was thinking about my mom.” She smiled and kissed the feathery crown of her head. “You make me feel so special.”

Janet smiled in understanding.

“You would have liked her. She was an amazing woman.” Sam’s sad expression was heart wrenching.

“She had an amazing daughter.” She rested her head once more against her love’s chest inhaling her clean scent of shampoo and soap. “You smell good, Sam.”

Sam laughed. “All I can smell is coffee and blueberry muffins.” She took a lukewarm sip from the cup forgotten on the kitchen table and immediately regretted her actions. “I’ll get a fresh cup.” She slid out from under the smaller woman and walked to the counter to refill her cup and found another for Janet.

She returned to the table with fresh coffee and muffins and took a chair beside the brunette. “What do you want to do today?” She mumbled around the muffin.

“I really haven’t given it much thought.”

With a sheepish smile Sam stuttered, “Well.....we...could go for a ride ...on my motorcycle?” The question hung in the air and then punctuated with a huge toothy grin.

“Oh no you don’t,” protested the doctor. “And don’t give me that ‘hey, what did I do’ look.”

When the wide smile flashed more white teeth and dimples, Janet knew she was doomed. With a resigned sigh, she hung her head. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she said to no one in particular.

“Excellent!” Sam rubbed her hands together and jumped up from her chair to pace the kitchen floor finally to stop behind Janet's chair. She placed a soft kiss on her delicate neck and the doctor tilted her head for better access.

Janet giggled as Sam brushed soft lips against her neck and collarbone. "That tickles," she laughed and reached around to capture roaming lips with her own.

When the kiss broke, Sam spun the chair around so they were facing each other. "Okay, Doc. I'll clean up while you take a shower." She tried to pull the brown haired beauty to her feet intending to jump start her up the stairs, but Janet stubbornly remained seated.

"Can I at least finish my coffee?" She flashed an incredulous look to her impatient love.

The anxious blonde had the good grace to look abashed. "Sorry, I can be impulsive at times," she admitted sheepishly.

Janet's only reaction was an extremely elevated eyebrow. This was definitely a side to Sam the doctor had not expected. Of course she knew Sam was passionate about her work, it only stood to reason that passion would spill over into her personal life as well. It was still odd to see this normally reserved woman acting so out of character.

They did finish breakfast and set their itinerary for the rest of the morning and afternoon, which included a stop at Sam's to collect another helmet and leather jacket for the good doctor before heading to the mountains.

Standing next to the massive motorcycle, Janet began to have second thoughts about riding on something so open and, in her mind, out of control. She trusted Sam knew how to handle the bike and would keep her safe, but it just went against everything she instinctively felt about riding something so dangerous. She felt Sam approach and gave her a skeptical look.

The blonde held her leather jacket out for Janet.

"What are you going to wear if I have your leather on?"

Sam ignored her and helped her into the large jacket and suppressed a chuckle once it was on the smaller woman. Her hands were completely hidden and the jacket almost reached her knees. Sam zipped the jacket and reached for the helmet.

"Sam, I'm not wearing the jacket and the helmet. What about you, what if we wreck?”

Sam straddled the bike. “It’s not like I’ve never ridden without a helmet before.” As soon as the words left her mouth she knew she had made a grave error.

Huge brown eyes stared in accusation. “Samantha Carter, I can NOT believe you just said that to me, your doctor.”

Sam rolled her baby blues and in a defiant tone spat, “I have NEVER put the bike down with someone riding with me.”

“And that’s supposed to make me feel better?” She shouted.

A fun afternoon ride had taken a surreal turn, and if something was not done, and done soon, the rest of the day and quite possibly what remained of the weekend, would be a total disaster. Sam made a quick decision. “Just get on the damn bike, Janet,” she said as a matter of fact, but silently hoped she had not ruined everything.

The little dynamo stood with sleeves crossed and mad as hell. “Or what, Captain?” she challenged.

“You’ll miss the ride of your life, baby.” She offered her right hand and when Janet did not immediately take it, she let loose the Carter smile.

Shaking her head and looking towards the sky she said, “You know, one of these days that smile is gonna get you into so much trouble.”

She had not completely screwed up if Janet was still talking to her. She chanced another smart-ass comment. “But not today?”

Janet took the proffered hand, “No, Sammy, not today.” She unleashed her own devastating smile as Sam adjusted the helmet and helped her onto the back of the bike. Before Sam could say anything, she felt strong arms embrace her from behind.

The engine roared to life and Sam shouted, “Just lean with me and hold on.”

As they slowly pulled out of the driveway and onto the open road, Janet squealed and tightened her hold around a very familiar body. Maybe this won’t be so bad after all.




The women lazed in the shade provided by several tall pine trees with an excellent view of a crystal clear lake at the foot of a towering mountain. The very secluded clearing looked picture perfect, the only thing missing was a cabin.

Janet turned on her left side to watch her dozing love. Her life had completely turned upside down, and then some. She never would have thought in a million years her posting to one of, if not THE most top-secret project, would provide her with the golden opportunity to meet and fall in love with the most desirable woman on the planet. Samantha Carter was undeniably the most intelligent and beautiful woman she had ever meet.

The brunette propped her head in her left hand and toyed with the blonde’s unruly bangs. She had helmet hair, but the doctor would never admit that, knowing the sometimes impetuous rider would use that argument against wearing the protective gear. The doctor shuddered to think what could happen to Sam if she continued to ride without a helmet. She had seen and cared for her share of ‘dead heads’ and knew exactly the devastation a head injury could cause.

Now was not the time to worry, now she needed to slowdown and enjoy every waking moment she had with Sam. She knew her job was dangerous beyond comparison, and she unequivocally acknowledged their desire for the extreme was one of the attractions between the career military women. She may not like it, but it was the truth and she would learn to deal with the precarious nature of their lives. Eventually.

Sam murmured in her sleep and the corners of her mouth upturned. Janet continued to run her fingers through the delicate blonde hair as Sam slowly opened piercing blue eyes to gaze upon the gorgeous woman hovering mere inches away.

A gasp caught in the blonde’s throat. “I will never tire of waking up to you, Janet.” She confessed as she wrapped a thin hand around the back of a dainty neck and pulled the brunette in for a quick peck on the lips. “God, pinch me now. Wait on second thought, don’t.” At Janet’s questioning glance she clarified. “If I’m still sleeping, I don’t want to wake from the most gratifying dream of my entire life.” She smiled and hugged the smaller woman to her chest.

“This is perfect, you and me and not a damn thing that needs to be taken care of.” Sam bowed her head to kiss a feathery chestnut crown as she absently played with the hem of Janet’s shirt.

Sam’s wandering hand found purchase on bare skin igniting a flame deep in the doctor’s core. Sam had yet to touch her anywhere except her face and hair, and the unexpected caress sent shockwaves up her spine.

Unable to suppress the resulting shiver and moan, the smaller woman turned and sat on long outstretched legs. “You are mistaken, Sammy.” She husked and scooted closer to her destination to trail her wet tongue up the right side of an elegant neck. “There’s plenty here that needs our undivided attention,” she purred into her ear and then engulfed the lobe and sucked the sensitive spot.

The response was instantaneous as Sam growled low in her throat and switched positions with the tiny woman. Now on top, Sam straddled slim hips and slid both hands under Janet’s shirt to gently squeeze firm breasts covered by a silky smooth bra. Momentarily stunned by her brash actions, she slowly removed her hands from the temptation to idly rest them on a small ribcage.

“Sam, we can take this as slow as you want.” Janet offered a reassuring smile to the blonde bundle of nerves. She cupped her chin when Sam turned away and tilted her head so she could gaze into fathomless blue depths. “There’s more to a relationship than jumping into bed right away.” She looked around them and impishly smiled. “Though technically we are laying on a blanket in the middle of nowhere.” It was hard to tell whom the petite brunette was trying to convince more.

The shy blonde averted her gaze, but a steady hand on her chin prevented her from looking away. “It’s not that, Janet. After my mom died, I was left with a very rigid, unemotional father. Not exactly a perfect role model.” She hesitated as she gathered her thoughts. “I’m afraid that I won’t be good enough for you. What if....”

Slender fingers pressed against Sam’s quivering lips. “Shhh.” When was this woman going to realize how wonderful she turned out? “You are not your father. You had two parents, sweetheart. Your mother was with you long enough to mold you into the passionate young woman I fell in love with.” Janet’s steady gaze locked on to cobalt blue. “Baby, you are all I have ever wanted. I know you will never disappoint me. Don’t doubt yourself, I know I never will.”

Sam brushed a stray lock of brown hair from Janet's forehead. "What did I ever do to deserve you?" She whispered.

Janet maneuvered them so they were lying face to face on their sides. "You deserve someone who will love and care for you." She leaned into Sam, almost, but not quite touching the creamy alabaster skin. "I'm that someone, Sam. I love you." She captured soft lips in an undemanding kiss.

The glacial blue gaze never wavered as Janet kissed her. Never before had she kissed with her eyes open, and the new experience startled the blonde. Not only could she feel her lover's wet mouth work its magic on her, but she could also see the depth of Janet's love conveyed in that one sweet kiss.

The totality of what that represented amazed her and kicked her heart into action. Sam did not question her feelings for the brunette doctor, rather her ability to show her just how much she loved her. Sam needed to commit herself entirely to this relationship, but to accomplish that she needed to overcome her own unfounded feelings of inadequacy. She needed to trust herself as much as Janet blindly put trust in her.

When the taller woman in her arms did not show signs of ending the embrace any time soon, Janet deepened the kiss, flicking her tongue across red lips and requesting entrance. As Sam opened her mouth to accept the luscious offering, the brunette opened her brown orbs and locked onto the deepest blue she had ever seen.

The air crackled with anticipation as unseen sparks gathered between the two women fusing them together as one. In that moment, Sam gave herself entirely to the woman in her arms, and she knew she would never question her decision again.

The fiery kiss ended as Janet panted into Sam's face, but she continued to stare into azure blue unwilling to look away for fear the moment would be gone. She realized the blonde was not pulling away and instinctively recognized this as the moment she had waited for, when Sam gave into her heart's desires and accepted their love unconditionally.

Sam slowly, lovingly caressed her bare back and ran slender fingers up the doctor's neck and into chestnut brown hair. She sat up and cuddled her tiny lover into her lap as she leaned on her left arm to balance their combined weight.

This placed the women breast to breast and Janet took advantage of their intimate position as she leaned back and wrapped her legs around her lover's hips and back and tugged at the hem of Sam's shirt. Janet smiled seductively and pulled the shirt over the blonde's head to reveal supple flesh contained in a very sheer bra.

Quirking an eyebrow she smirked, "Planning on getting lucky?" Intrigued by Sam's choice of attire she wondered what other surprises she would find once she began to slowly undress her.

“You never know.” She seductively raised her eyebrows up and down several times and leered at the beautiful woman wrapped so closely around her middle.

Sam hissed and squinted her eyes closed as dexterous fingers insinuated under and then wiggled suggestively at the clasp of her bra. As she moved to disrobe her willing victim she suddenly looked around the clearing.

Sam realized she was still wearing far too much and wondered why Janet had stopped in mid motion. “What?” She opened her eyes to see a confused look on the brunette’s face.

“Are we alone here? I mean, do you think anyone will interrupt us?” Janet was not into exhibitionism.

Sam repositioned herself and leaned back on both arms. “No, honey. Nobody is going to see your gorgeous body but me.” Her lover did not look totally convinced. “Okay, I’ll let you in on a little secret.” She motioned Janet closer and whispered, “This is all mine.”


“Yep. I fell in love with it the first time I hiked here. As it turns out, it was for sale.”

“So, no Boy Scouts are going to get an accelerated sex education?”

The blonde laughed and shook her head. “Now, where were we?” She took hold of Janet’s hand and returned it to her chest.

The doctor licked her lips in anticipation and gently palmed the blonde's right breast brushing her thumb across a very erect nipple. Sam's moans encouraged her to repeat the motion on her other breast. With nipples straining for release, she carefully unsnapped the front clasp and slowly brushed her hands from her lover's cleavage to well-rounded mounds and finally pinched both nubs between thumb and forefinger. Tossing the bra over her shoulder she leaned in to capture a succulent breast in her mouth. She lightly tongued the hardened nipple until Sam danced beneath her arching her back to offer more of herself to the talented mouth. Janet alternated sucking and licking each breast while she caressed the other.

The blonde's elbows buckled and she fell back onto the dark blue blanket taking her lover with her. Now draped over the half naked body, the doctor began to kiss and fondle her way down a well-toned abdomen.

Sam's hands immediately played with chestnut hair flowing over her midsection as she guided the brunette closer to her heated center. Janet unbuttoned her jeans and reached her hand through the opening all the while kissing her way closer to where she knew the blonde craved her touch.

She was surprised to feel a panty barrier, thinking the fearless blonde may have gone without in anticipation of possibly making love this afternoon. More for the good doctor to undress. She slowly inched skilled fingers under the silk panties to first feel soft curls and then slick heat.

Sam groaned and shifted and spread her hips to accommodate exploring fingers. Janet pulled the jeans over slim hips while the other hand disappeared between the taller woman's legs. The panting, glassy eyed blonde lifted her head to watch her lover deftly manipulate her moist flesh, and then eagerly raised her hips to help Janet discard her jeans.

She remained perched on her elbows and the site of her beautiful lover's hand manipulating her beneath her panties almost sent the extremely aroused woman over the edge.

"Janet." Her lover's name reverently rolled off her lips.

The brunette lifted her head, and locking sight with the highly aroused blonde, recognized she was very close to release. Janet did not want to cause her lover to come so soon. Her gaze never wavered as she removed her hand drenched in her lover's juices and knelt between Sam's spread legs. She slowly pulled the soaked panties down slender legs and devoured the lithe body with dark brown eyes as it was finally revealed to her in all its naked splendor.

Sam beckoned with her right hand inviting the tanned brunette closer as she pulled the smaller woman to straddle her hips. Once she positioned her tiny lover, she quickly pressed their mouths together and proceeded to methodically explore with her probing tongue.

She tugged at her shirt, and momentarily relinquishing the delicious mouth, hiked it over full breasts to reveal twin peaks straining beneath a concealing bra. Blue eyes twinkled as she slowly pulled the material over brown hair leaving the bra in place for the moment.

Capturing Janet's warm mouth once more in a demanding kiss, she fondled both breasts and then expertly flicked her pointed tongue over one nipple and then the other eliciting loud moans from the brunette. As she sucked through the silky material, Janet ran her hands up strong arms to rest on the taller woman's shoulders.

The blonde reached around a tanned back and released the material holding the flesh she desperately needed to suckle. Feasting on Janet's bare breasts for the first time sent a shockwave straight to her burning core releasing a warmth between her legs. She slid her hand down a firm stomach, and in one fluid motion, opened the brunette's jeans to trail her probing hand under wet panties and ran skilled fingers through warm, slick flesh.

"Oh, Sammy. Oh, my God. You feel so good, baby." Janet rocked her hips matching the rhythm of stroking fingers.

With one hand buried in Janet's pants, she expertly sucked and licked her breasts until they were both vibrating with need. She trailed wet kisses up the brunette's neck only to stop and whisper in her ear. "I want you to come with me."

"Yes." She immediately responded by gently pulling Sam's hand out of her pants and stood up to remove the rest of her clothes.

Now entirely naked, she lay on Sam's waiting form beneath her and slowly rubbed their glistening mounds together. Agonizingly slow at first, then hips rose to meet her own to increase the rhythm between their flesh swollen and hot with desire. Sam leaned back on her elbows and arched her hips to increase the contact to send them both tumbling over the edge. Blue eyes locked onto brown as their sweat soaked bodies melted into one, and then they were there, at the pinnacle of release.

Janet arched her back and screamed. "I'm going....to...to...come!" She frantically searched her lover's face. "Oh, I'm coming, Sammy!"

The sounds and smells of their coupling intoxicated Sam. She felt her own orgasm crest, and when Janet screamed and flooded her mound she released her own torrent of warm juices as she screamed Janet's name over and over again.

The women collapsed and Sam wrapped shaking arms around her new love. "Wow," she croaked, her voice hoarse from screaming in the throes of ecstasy.

Janet smirked, knowing she was responsible for Sam's reaction. "That's just for starters, love." A wickedly seductive smile plastered her face as she leaned in for a searing kiss thrusting her tongue deep within her lover's mouth.

Startled, Sam managed a strangled cry around the invader before she plunged her own wet tongue into Janet's mouth and dueled a thrust and parry until the doctor allowed her to take control of the demanding kiss.

A tiny hand reached between them and caressed the slick folds of the blonde's sex before slipping two fingers into her lover. Sam moaned and instinctively thrust her hips to meet the wonderful sensation and increase the pleasure she was receiving at the very capable hands of her lover; however, breathing quickly became a problem and she ended the heated kiss.

Janet scooted down her body and Sam obliged her by bending her knees and parting her legs wider. She leaned in to inhale the blonde's musky scent. "You smell so good, baby," she husked and parted Sam with the fingers of her idle hand and then leaned in to press her mouth against wet, swollen flesh to taste her lover for the first time.

She continued to pump her fingers and searched for the special spot with her mouth and tongue. Sam moaned and ground her hips into her mouth signaling to the brunette she had indeed reached the center of her pleasure. The blonde practically hovered in midair has her lover greedily devoured her.

"Yes. Right there! Oh God....Please Jan.... Jan-et." The blonde pleaded for release. "Oh my God....Don't stop!" If she did not come soon she was going to pass out.

Janet abruptly changed position and thrust her tongue into her lover several times then latched onto her engorged clitoris and sucked until Sam exploded in her waiting mouth.

"Jaaaanettte!" A guttural strangled cry escaped her lips.

The brunette slowed her actions to long deliberate strokes to draw out her lover's pleasure and suddenly she was there again falling off the precipice once more. Sam ran her shaking hands through brown locks and nudged Janet away from her oversensitive center. With one last swipe of her tongue, the doctor reluctantly moved from her perch between creamy thighs to lay beside her spent lover.

"Oh my God. Are you trying to kill me, Doc?" She coyly asked with a huge grin permanently stuck to her glowing face.

"What's the matter, Captain?" She teased and idly ran her fingers through the blonde patch of curls.

Groaning incoherently, Sam turned them both to the left and spooned into the smaller woman's back. She placed feather soft kisses to the back of her neck and traced invisible random patterns on her tanned abdomen. They silently rested entwined together enjoying the afterglow of their lovemaking.

After a while Sam's movements changed to loving caress and Janet's breathing and heart rate accelerated. Two could play this game; it was time to give the petite doctor a dose of her own tantalizing medicine. She continued to pepper her delicate skin with wet kisses as she slowly placed her right knee between smaller bent legs. She slipped her right hand through the small opening and caressed Janet's mound.

"You are so wet, Janet," she crooned. "So ready for me." Sam spread the doctor's legs wider and slowly introduced her thumb into her tight center and splayed her fingers over her glistening mound and through brown curls matted with juices from their combined orgasms.

Sam slowly thrust slim hips driving her thumb deeper into her lover. Janet moaned louder with each thrust and Sam increased the frequency and friction.

The smaller woman looked over her right shoulder seeking her lover's mouth with brown eyes turned black with lust. She cupped the back of Sam's head with her right hand urging her nearer to thrust her tongue in the blonde's mouth to match the rhythm of driving hips.

"Oh, God. Don't stop." She panted into the blonde's damp face. "I'm so close, Sammy."

Sam smiled. "Not yet, little one."

The brunette whimpered as Sam slowed her thrusts and gently removed her hand. She brought her slick fingers to her mouth and sampled the essence of her lover. Sweet and tangy at the same time, she could not get enough of the addictive taste. Janet was mesmerized by the site of the blonde's mouth working her fingers slowly in and out, and knew exactly where she wanted that talented mouth now.

The blonde watched as Janet's dilated eyes fixated on her mouth and fingers and knew what her love wanted. She needed to hear her say the words. "Tell me what you want," she demanded.

Without hesitation, the brunette answered, "I want your mouth on me." She turned in Sam's strong arms and pushed her supine on the damp blanket. Blue eyes flashed with excitement as she guided the brunette to sit on her inviting mouth.

Janet knew she would not last long; she had been so close before when Sam took her from behind. Sam was a voracious lover, taking her time to please, but also enjoying a bit of torment as she teased her quivering flesh before finally grabbing her hips and plunging her hot tongue deep into her drenched core.

Sam knew the beautiful doctor could not take much more, and she decided to end her torture by relentlessly pounding her tongue into her screaming lover. Moaning without restraint, she came loud and hard. Her juices filled Sam's mouth and ran off her face to pool on the blanket where Janet's knees rested. She bonelessly slumped to the side and Sam instantly embraced the quaking woman and cuddled her into a warm shoulder.

Chill air over moist skin prohibited the brunette from sleeping soundly and she awoke to goose bumps and shivers. "Sam. Honey, we have to get dressed before we catch our death of cold." She clicked her tongue in annoyance. "I hope we're not too late already."

How would she explain to General Hammond that Captain Carter couldn't make the jump because she had caught a cold after making love with her all afternoon, in the great outdoors no less, and then fell asleep naked in each other arms?

With her human blanket gone, Sam shivered and quickly reached for their discarded clothes. She retrieved her damp panties and made a face. No way was she going to put those back on. She bent over to pick up Janet's and offered them to her lover with a smile.

"I'll pass, thanks." She held a wrinkled inside out shirt with the buttons still done in her hands.

They quickly began to dress and gather their things to return home before darkness fell. Janet was the quicker of the two and she reached up to help Sam button her shirt, then she stepped back to appraise the blonde and could not contain a smirk.

“So, how do I look?” The disheveled blonde asked, knowing full well the response.

“Like you just got laid, baby,” came the expected retort.

“Yeah, well, so do you.” Sam gathered her lover in her arms and passionately kissed her. She peppered her neck and whispered between wet kisses, “I cannot get enough of you.”

Janet knew they were in danger of falling to the ground and making love again, not that that would be so bad, but she wanted to have her way with Sam in her very own warm bed. “Sam.” She tried to free herself from the strong grasp when Sam made no move to stop. “Sa-am! ”

Startled, the blonde removed her mouth from the brunette’s delectable neck. Blue eyes gone almost black stared unfocused as she slowly regained her control. “Sorry,” she mouthed.

“I know how you feel, honey, but what do you say we take this somewhere more comfortable?”

A Cheshire-like grin appeared on the blonde’s face. “Oh, yeah. I’ll race ya ” Before Sam finished her sentence, she was already running for the bike. Janet giggled and sprinted after her.



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