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Title: Into the Sun
Author: MajorDoc
Pairing: Catherine/Sara
Rating: Adult, Femslash
Disclaimer: The characters of CSI belong to CBS, Alliance Atlantic,
and Jerry Bruckheimer Productions.
Spoilers: Season 1-3.
Archive: Passion and Perfection,
Notes: Many thanks to my betas, Krys and Saz.
Summary: Catherine and Sara deal with the repercussions of
Catherineís assault at a crime scene.



Lately Iíve been feeling different
Like Iíve come from outer space
And I know thereís something missing
When itís you I canít replace

And Iíve been drowning out the silence
From the words that we once said
And I know that I could make a difference
If I could get inside your head

ďWalk Into the SunĒ
by Dirty Vegas

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